Robbie Fowler: 10 reasons why he’ll always be God to Liverpool fans


Liverpool have had plenty of iconic players down the years, but there’s only one man the Anfield faithful call ‘God’.

Bursting through at a time when Liverpool were in desperate need of inspiration under the management of Graeme Souness, Robbie Fowler captured the hearts of the red half of Merseyside thanks to his daring endeavour, scally demeanour and insatiable appetite for scoring goals – lots and lots of goals.

As The Guardian’s Rob Smyth once so brilliantly put it, Fowler “fused the mischief of Ferris Bueller with the swagger of Liam Gallagher”.

Neil Atkinson, presenter of The Anfield Wrap, told the The Guardian in 2014: “Fowler is the moment when supporters around my age, 33, stop seeing Liverpool players as their collective dads.

“Those 80s men we grew up watching were moustachioed, certain, endlessly winning.

“Robbie was different. He was a roguish big brother. He’d get you into scrapes and he’d get you out of them. Less certain but so much more fun.”

Today marks the 18th anniversary of the striker’s infamous celebration against Everton, a moment which perfectly summed up the charm of the Toxteth Terror, and is certainly one of the reasons why he remains so loved by Liverpool fans to this day.

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