These 14 photos will make every Sunderland fan miss Roker Park

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This week marks 20 years since Sunderland played their last competitive fixture at Roker Park before moving to the Stadium of Light.

Home to the club for 99 years, Sunderland’s fortunes on the pitch may have fluctuated dramatically throughout that time, but the loyalty on the terraces never wavered.

The Black Cats gave the ground a fitting send-off, beating Everton 3-0 in the final competitive match to be played on the hallowed turf on May 3, 1997.

To commemorate the anniversary, we’ve collected some of the best photos of Roker Park, which are sure to tug on the heartstrings of plenty of Sunderland fans.

In selecting some of the images, we were helped by our very own Mr Sunderland, Michael Graham, who recently spoke to the club’s former hero Kevin Phillips.

“It was a grand old place!” he says. “I miss it loads. The Stadium of Light is much better in every single measurable way, but I’d still take Roker Park any day of the week.”

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