Arjen Robben: Mr Predictable – but as brilliant as ever

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We all saw it coming, we all knew what Arjen Robben was going to try and do, but stopping it happening is a different matter.

On Wednesday night, Arjen Robben went peak Arjen Robben against Arsenal in the Champions League.

Yes, yet again he cut inside from the right flank and finished with aplomb on his left foot – cue social media exploding in hysterics.

The thing is, despite all the jokes and quips and banter, the goal was a brilliant reminder of why the flying Dutchman is such a wonderful footballer.

Despite his ageing body – Robben turned 33 last month – and a host of niggling injuries, the winger continues to thrive at the highest level.

As the following video shows, the former Chelsea man remains as crucial as ever to Bayern Munich. Long may it continue.

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