Collymore vs Vanilla Ice & eight times footballers ‘starred’ on reality TV

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Dennis Wise was recently back in the public eye after finishing sixth in ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’, we remember some other memorable appearances ex-pros have made on reality television, featuring former Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal players.

Former Chelsea midfielder Wise, known for a confrontational attitude on the pitch (yes, we’re being kind), was eliminated from the show earlier this month amid accusations he had been bullying comedian and broadcaster Iain Lee.

Wise, however, denied the claims, saying: “I’ve got to get tickets for Iain and his two kids, they’re going to go to Chelsea!”

He added: “I’m a little shocked with what’s happened. We’ve got on very well and it’s really interesting because I think ITV wouldn’t allow [bullying] anyway. It’s something I don’t think they’d ever allow.”

We’ve taken a look at nine more times footballers have ‘starred’ on reality TV, with results even slightly more embarrassing than this…

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