Jean Michael Seri v Naby Keita: Which Liverpool target’s stats are better?

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Liverpool are reported to be considering a move for Jean Michael Seri as an alternative to Naby Keita – but how do the two midfielder’s stats compare?

Last week Jurgen Klopp confirmed that Liverpool are still in the market for a midfielder, saying: “We don’t have too many midfield players in the moment who have experience.”

Keita has been the Reds’ first-choice target this summer, but RB Leipzig appear to be digging their heels in to keep hold of the midfielder.

As a result, Liverpool have registered their interest in Lille’s Seri, and we’ve compared the two midfielder’s stats to gauge whether he would be a suitable alternative.

Goals and Assists

There’s not a great deal of difference between the two players when it comes to the headline figures of goals and assists.

Keita chipped in with eight Bundesliga goals last season in comparison to Seri’s seven in Ligue 1, while the latter created nine goals to Keita’s seven assists.

The Leipzig man was slightly more productive in his time on the pitch, however, recording a goal or assist every 161.06 minutes, whereas Seri did so every 186.88 minutes.

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Passing and Attacking

While the midfielder’s have pretty similar stats when it comes to goals and assists, Seri’s figures are extremely impressive when you dig a little deeper.

The Ivory Coast international scored only one goal less than Keita but averaged 0.9 shots per game as opposed to the Guinean’s 1.4.

Meanwhile, Seri created an average of 2.2 chances per game, with Keita averaging 1.3.

Likewise, the 26-year-old was much more proficient in his dribbling, completing 84.62% of his attempting dribbles in comparison to 64.29%.

And it is a similar story when it comes to passing accuracy, with Keita’s rate of 81.8% down on Seri’s 89.5%.

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Defensive Contributions

As we have previously discussed, it is much harder to analyse defending using stats than it is to judge attacking play.

It is clear though that Klopp demands just as much from his midfielders off the ball as he does when they are in possession, and it is in this area where Keita impresses.

The 22-year-old bests Seri in three crucial categories, making more interceptions per game (2.6 to 1) and with better success rates for both tackling (72.22% to 55%) and aerial duels (72% to 36.36%).

Stats can often be skewed depending on what roles and expectations are placed on the players in their respective teams, but on the face of this evidence, the two midfielders are quite different, with Seri excelling in attack and Keita’s strength in his defensive actions.

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