Michu, Santa Cruz, Zaki and more of the Prem’s best one-season wonders

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Swansea City, Blackburn Rovers and Wigan Athletic are three of the clubs to have benefitted from one-season wonders in the Premier League – and benefitted is exactly the right word.

The term one-season wonder is almost always used in a derogatory way, but players are only given such a label if they have enjoyed a truly exceptional campaign.

And surely it is better to be remembered for one sensational season than be remembered, or more likely not remembered, for being consistently average?

One-season wonders will not go down as legends of the game, and there is almost always a sense of regret from supporters that the purple patch could not be maintained – or replicated after a change of clubs – but the likes of Michu, signed by Swansea City five years ago today, are still worthy of celebration for their brief periods of brilliance.

Here are eight that really lit up the Premier League…

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