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Hello and welcome to Planet Football. We hope it will be the first of many visits you pay us.

You may already like our page on Facebook – if you do, you’ll know that our tagline is ‘a celebration of all that’s great about football’. Hopefully you can vouch that we have stuck to that message in our six months on social media.

A lot of negativity surrounds football nowadays, but we won’t add to it. We want to make you smile, not scowl. We want to be a place you can come to escape the moaning and groaning that dominates conversation elsewhere. It’s why we decided not to include a comments section beneath our articles.

Here, you’ll find tributes to great players, teams and managers. You’ll find interviews we’ve conducted ourselves, not stolen from somewhere else, and you’ll find detailed features about football culture from all around the world, not just the top six of the Premier League. Oh, and you’ll find nostalgia too, lots and lots of nostalgia.

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Inter Milan 1997 team illustration

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You won’t find any news articles on here because there are enough of those out there already, and you won’t find any knee-jerk opinion pieces 10 minutes after a game. We’re bored of all that and know we’re not alone.

As well as our longer articles, you’ll also find lots of short and less serious content too: quizzes, lists, videos and anything else we think might entertain you for five minutes on your morning commute or lunch hour.

We’re not snobs – just because we’ll read a 1500-word feature one minute doesn’t mean we won’t watch the latest bit of Neymar skill the next – and we think there are lots more like us.

Mark Holmes

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