Sadio Mane copying his team-mates’ celebrations is our favourite thing ever


Liverpool were in scintillating form on Wednesday night as they put five past Porto, but there was more than one reason for Reds’ fans to be happy.

That’s because hat-trick hero Sadio Mane seems up to his old tricks again, copying his team-mates’ celebrations after they have scored.

He was doing it on the regular last season, mostly with Roberto Firmino, starting with his gun celebration at Swansea.

Then he moved on to imitate Philippe Coutinho during a game against West Brom at Anfield, which prompted the two Brazilians to join Mane in his trademark walk celebration.

They even got him doing it on the new PES.

This is all after he scored against Barcelona in a 2016 pre-season friendly, celebrating with a Cristiano Ronaldo classic.

And now, in Liverpool’s rout over Porto, it looks like the Senegal international is back to his mischievous best, as he followed Firmino’s karate kick celebration with his own, erm, ‘attempt’ at it.

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