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Meet Robbie Hughes, the Liverpool dentist responsible for Klopp & Firmino’s shiny whites

When Premier League stars look to give their appearances the finishing touch, they don’t turn to a tactical coach or a fitness expert as it is Dr. Robbie Hughes who has become their expert of choice.

This is not a story about scoring more goals or reaching peak conditioning as Robbie’s skills are not based on the sporting field, even though you may be familiar with some of his work if you are a regular watcher of the Premier League.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, his star players Mohamed Salah Tottenham’s James Maddison are some of the big-name stars who have turned to Robbie and his Dental Excellence clinic to get their cosmetic dentistry makeover, with the results emblazoned across our TV screens every week.

Ever wondered who gave former Liverpool striker Robert Firmino his gleaming white teeth?

That was Dr Robbie and his team and he has given Planet Football the inside story on a lucrative business that has clinics in Liverpool, London and most recently in Dublin, Ireland.

“It was about ten years ago that the first footballers came to see us and it has all gone from there,” begins Robbie.

“Lucas Leiva and Martin Skrtel had some work done with us and after that, Lucas opened the door to other Brazilian players at Liverpool.

“Roberto Firmino and Philippe Coutinho then had some work done with us and their smile makeovers were very noticeable and caught the limelight.

“The knock-on effect was we built up a trust in the football community, not just with Liverpool players, but lots of Premier League players.

“That bridge was built, that trust was there and it has gone from there. Footballers have come to us on the back of other people in the industry mentioning our work and it has gone from there.

“Some of the players wanted smile makeovers that can be seen from a distance and Firmino wanted extra white teeth, so we worked to make that happen for him. After that, we had lots of people who wanted to have that look.

“That was back in 2015 and they still look great now, so I could say you can judge me on that!

“It isn’t just with Liverpool players, but with players and managers from other clubs.

“The football community has been a massive help to us at the start of this business and they have been happy to promote the work we have done with that, which has made my life a lot easier.

“We have had people from other sports and celebrities getting their smile makeovers done with us.”

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How did Robbie become the go-to dentist for Premier League stars?

The truth is this has been his dream since he was at school, with the footballers who have helped to put him on his road to success propelling his story at a rapid pace.

“I was heavily involved in martial arts and kickboxing and was visiting my dentist regularly for my gum shields,” he reflected.

“From that, I did a bit of work experience with the dentist and it felt like a great career. Making people smile every day seemed like a nice idea.

“I decided this is what I wanted to do when I was about 14 or 15 and after getting experience at University and gaining an insight into how this could be a career, the dream of having my own business was at the forefront of my mind.

“I was only four years qualified and 27 at the time and I started the business. Some of my family weren’t sure that I was ready for my own business, but it has worked out.

“My work ethic and drive was never going to be a problem and within three years, we were the most popular dentist in Liverpool.

“From the start, I have a real passion to push the boundaries of modern technologies and be at the forefront of what comes next in cosmetic dentistry.

“My dream was all about creating a business that took cosmetic dentistry to the next level and I’m proud of what we have achieved as a team so far.”

With such high-profile customers on his books, Robbie and his Dental Excellence team know they are one mistake away from a high-profile story that would rather avoid, yet Robbie suggests the high standards he sets in his clinics eliminate the risk of a dental disaster.

“The modern view of cosmetic dentistry has changed,” he continues.

“People are open to looking at this as an option and we are delighted to be at the forefront of that.

“We try to understand the psychology of the patient, so we can provide a good journey for them. We can deliver customisation in their results and they have peace of mind that they will get the outcome they want in the most cost-effective way.

“The stories of we see of people travelling to Turkey and having bad experiences show you cannot cut corners with dentistry.

“It’s more expensive to get cosmetic dentistry in Ireland or the UK, but the health of the patient might not always be the priority and people have to remember that when they sign up for treatment.

“There is no one-size-fits-all all approach in dentistry and unfortunately, people are making poor decisions to travel abroad for treatment that can fall apart four or five years down the road.

“If you have to fix the damage that has been done, it can cost a lot more than it would have done if you had the treatment in a clinic like ours in the first place.

“We want to motivate and educate our patients at the start of their journey as that allows them to make the right decisions.

“You need to talk to a patient, understand what they want and get them engaged with the journey they need to go on. Then they need to be supported as it is a lifestyle change.

“A patient needs to be ready to change their habits to get the results they want and there needs to be a commitment from the start to finish in the process.”

There has never been a dentist with such a high profile list of customers and that is one of many reasons why Dr Robbie is the star of his field.

By Kevin Palmer

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