Darwin Nunez has turned up for Uruguay.

The 7 most brilliant & bizarre haircuts at Copa America 2024: Nunez, Vini Jr…

The Copa America is the twin brother to the also ongoing European Championship, except it’s contested across the pond and has the potential to be infinitely more entertaining, for a multitude of reasons.

It often gets overlooked on the European continent due to difficult time differences and a general ignorance towards any form of football not being contested on mainland Europe, but the Copa America deserves much better.

A celebration of some of the world’s best footballers, some of the most passionate fans in the world, exceptional stadiums and countries as hosts and – this year especially – some wild and wonderful hairstyle decisions.

We love everything unserious about the beautiful game here at Planet Football, thus a collection of haircuts ranging from smart, to brilliant, to outright bizarre is right up our wheelhouse.

Naturally, we’ve picked out our favourite trims on show at the bonkers tournament being contested in the United States.

And while we’re at it, here’s an idea for the organisers. Lean into the madness and give out an official ‘Best Trim of the Tournament’ award. It’ll go down a hit – trust us.

Alejandro Garnacho

We’re starting on a very thin line between smart and hipster. Garnacho’s hair is nothing too outrageous, but it does have that typical footballer’s feel about it.

You know exactly the kind of haircut we’re on about. Yesteryear’s quiff with the line shaved in, the spikes going from front to back, or the frosted tips. All trims you see a footballer rocking as a kid and convince your parents to let you get it, much to your dad’s dismay. He hates it.

Anyone over the age of around 16 who isn’t a footballer with a haircut like that will typically need a stern talking to, but there’s something a little more subtle about Garnacho’s do. We’re feeling it. A couple of you might just be able to get away with rocking it.

Vinicius Junior

It disappeared as Brazil entered the business end of their Copa America campaign, but Vinicius Junior headed into the tournament sporting a seriously cool new look.

Out was the traditional fade and in were the twists, pulled into a slick ponytail from behind. Serious Lewis Hamilton vibes. The Brazilian often dazzles with the ball at his feet, but his subtle showcase of flair with his hair popped us big time. Bring back the dreads, Vini. Don Carlo will probably love them.Vinicius Junior, Brazil

Emiliano Martinez

Perhaps the first and only true stinker on the list, we’ve come to expect wild hairstyle choices from Emi Martinez, who loves a box dye and his wild imagination.

As Argentina kicked off their Copa America defence as continental and world champions, Martinez sported what looked like a normal haircut from the front, until you saw the back and realised he’d had ‘SA’ shaved and faded in there with extreme precision.

It turns out ‘SA’ are the initials of Martinez’s children Santiago and Ava. Players usually stick their kids’ names on their boots, but not Emi. He’s different. No half measures and we respect that.

Julio Enciso

Brighton’s Paraguayan midfielder appeared to have unlocked a new level of maverick and superstardom at the Copa America while shouldering the hopes of a nation, strutting his stuff with superstar performances and the cool hairstyle to match.

It’s not for everyone – and it’s certainly a trim very few people could pull off – but Enciso is undoubtedly one of them. A trimmed-down mohawk with frosted tips. Loud and we love it. What a cool bastard.

In fact, it’s a trim that screams all-timer season in 2024-25. Keep an eye on him.Julio Enciso Paraguay

Christian Pulisic

Pulisic has enjoyed a career renaissance for the ages since signing for Milan last summer and his latest trim is a reflection of that, completing a comeback by showing up for the USMNT with an exceptionally stylish mullet.

It’s a solid start and while it might not be in full flow just yet, we believe it’s got potential to be special. Where would it rank among some of the game’s greatest mullets, though? Christian Pulisic USA

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Ronald Araujo

We’ve saved the craziest – and undoubtedly the best – for last.

Araujo can often be seen sporting a bleached blonde trim for Barcelona, but often keeps things smart and subtle.

However, the classy defender has pushed the boat out to a new extreme while with the national team this summer, swapping the short back and sides for electric blue braids.

They’re loud, they’re proud and your dad would most definitely hate a defender having them, which is why we absolutely love them. A penny for Roy Keane’s thoughts on this one…Ronald Araujo Uruguay

Darwin Nunez

Think we were done there? Absolutely not. Araujo has turned up with bright blue braids and somehow still doesn’t have the most outrageous trim of the tournament.

That award – of course – goes to Darwin Nunez, the undisputed king of chaos who has decided to take his flowing locks and turn them into dreadlocks that Vagner Love and prime Jeff Hardy would both be envious of. On anyone else it’d be hideous, but on Darwin it just works.

He’s about the only player who could pull such a stunt with his hair without people raising an eyebrow. Nunez is absolutely bonkers. Please never change.Darwin Nunez Uruguay