Germany's 2024 kit looking pretty tasty.

Euro 2024 kit ranking: Rating all 24 home shirts from worst to best with England 5th…

Summer international tournaments are where legends are made, careers are crowned, and iconic kits are cemented in history.

Euro 2024 is just around the corner, and the kits are all confirmed. You’ll be seeing these for the rest of your life—on highlights reels, in the pub, down the park—so we’re taking a closer look at the kits will be the aesthetic of your summer.

We’ve ranked the home kits of all 24 nations taking part in the Euros in Germany, this summer, from worst to best in our humble opinion. How many do you agree with us on? Let’s start off controversially—f*ck it.

24. Croatia

We might be rubbing some of you up the wrong way here, but you either love that red & white chequered pattern or you hate it, and… Well, it’s just not for us. Sorry. It is what it is.

23. Georgia

We’re well happy for Georgia making a big summer tournament but, Jesus H. Christ, look at the state of this shirt.

Imagine finally making it to a European Championship and being told that you’ll be wearing this becrossed b*stard of a kit.

22. Romania

We’d be absolutely fine with this if it wasn’t for that f*cking collar. Utterly perverse. Lo0ks like something you’d see at a school disco in 2003. In the bin.

21. Serbia

Looks a bit like the £2 tee your mum got you from Tesco to get you through the summer back in the day. Zero effort expended on this one.

They’ve literally gone, “Make it red, stick a but of blue on the sleeves.” Lazy.

20. Czechia

For God’s sake, Puma. Were you not listening to anything we just said? To be fair, at least this one has some fun patterning going on in the background, we’ll give it that.

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19. Slovakia

Bit of a throwback, this Slovakia shirt, and we don’t hate it. The double-badging is fun and the red contrast under the arms and below the collar give this shirt a distinctly noughties feel but in a good way.

It’s very Pro Evo design-your-own-kit, which is obviously good.


18. Turkey

No frills, no spills—Turkey badge, Turkey colours, clean collar. No complaints other than it’s a bit dull. Crack on.

17. Poland

See above. Actually prefer the collar on that Turkey kit, but the big centralised Poland badge puts this one marginally ahead for our money. Big bird with a crown on it. Nice.

16. Austria

Puma’s website offers no information on what that background patterning is, so we can only assume that it is what it appears to be, and they’ve subtly depicted the planet of Tatooine from Star Wars in the red of the Austrian home shirt.

People just do whatever they want, these days, don’t they?

15. Ukraine

Ukraine’s home shirt is held back by that blue fake collar situation, otherwise it would be a pretty decent effort. We’d also like that badge to be framed in some sort of shield or circle or diamond or something.

It’s just missing spark, isn’t it?

14. Slovenia

Mountain Warehouse FC ready to summit the peaks of European football, crampons in place of studs, best thermal technology money can buy, group-stage survival guaranteed.

13. Albania

Give us a decent collar and we’ll be happy. It’s that easy. Albania’s Euro 2024 kit is clean and uncomplicated without being boring.

12. Portugal

Nothing particularly exciting going on here. Another pretty safe effort from Nike, but it does the job.

There’s nothing to particularly dislike about it—there’s nothing to particularly love about it. We ain’t gonna be spending our pocket money on it, though.

11. Belgium

Classy. Also easily the most evil-looking home shirt at the Euros this summer. We can’t explain why we think that—we just do. There’s something evil about this shirt. We like it, though. The Escher-esque cube pattern is a nice touch.

10. Switzerland

Much better from Puma. Switzerland’s shirt is a similar design to the Serbia and Czechia shirts we slagged off earlier, but this is what those shirts could have been.

The detailing is far more pleasing on the eye, and that tapered burgundy down the sides sets everything off nicely.

9. Spain

It’s a bit templatey, but it works nicely in Spain’s colours. That’s about all we have to say about this one.

8. Italy

We’re well aware Adidas’s first Italy shirt has come in for a bit of flack but, controversially, we actually kinda like it. The away kit is better, but we don’t mind this one. Sue us.

7. Hungary

Centralised Adidas logo, two nice badges, white detailing on top, green at the bottom. Yes. Into it. Looking forward to Dominik Szoboszlai banging in a 40-yard highlight reeler in this.

6. Scotland

An eye-pleasing deep blue, lovely contrast in the detailing, and subtle tartan underpinning the whole thing. The Tartan Army are gonna be rocking up in Germany looking slick as hell, and we’re all about that.

5. England

A classic, clean, gorgeous kit, this one. Gareth Southgate’s men have every chance of doing something special at Euro 2024, and if they do, they’ll be doing it in a cracking kit. That is important.

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4. Netherlands

Call us old-fashioned, but we much prefer the orange & black iterations of Netherlands kits to the orange & white ones. 2024’s edition is a corker. You can see Johann Cruyff leaving defenders guessing where the ball’s gone in it. Koeman’s team will have to live up to this classic.

3. Germany

No notes here. Just superb stuff. The long-sleeved version is even better. Straight fire in every way imaginable. This shirt, this shirt uber alles.

2. Denmark

Oh, god, yes. Hummel and Denmark can do no wrong, as far as we’re concerned. There are simply not enough shiny football shirts out there. We have no notes. Just thanks and gratefulness. Have as many Danish Krone as you like.

1. France

It was going to take something special to beat that Denmark shirt and, well, just f*cking look at this France shirt. It’s perfect. Perfect. It’s giving Michel Platini historic nine-goal haul.

Literally just stopped typing, zoned out, and came to—drooling—five minutes later. Just incredible.