Potatoes and beer and Niclas Fullkrug 4eva.

9 wholesome moments from Euro 2024 to remind you football is wonderful

At this point, we’ve all seen the video of the Albanian fans snapping the spaghetti in front of Italian fans whilst the Italians take it all in good jest and cry out in faux anguish. A lovely, warm-natured exchange between two sets of fans who probably don’t even speak a common language.

That’s what football is all about. It’s what it should be about, anyway. There are idiots everywhere in this life. In board meetings, in parliament, on building sites, down the shops, in football writing… And football fandom has its fair share of idiots, too.

We’re completely addicted to the wholesomeness pervading this Euro 2024, though. Everywhere you look, lovely things are happening, so we’ve decided to collect them all in this article. We’ll keep it updated throughout the tournament so watch this space for a little mental pick-me-up.

Father and son interview

Just a dad being proud of his son on national television. Beautiful.

Peter Schmeichel’s wholesome reaction to interviewing his son Kasper after the Denmark vs England match.
byu/whiteniteee insoccer

Kick around

It ain’t quite FIFA Street, but opposing fans having a kickabout before a match is something we can get behind. Looks like the Spanish won again. Prescient.

Spanish and Italian fans play football in the streets
byu/er__primo__der__rafa insoccer

Scotland being Scotland

You know what they say, give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, chuck a massive crowd of Scottish football fans a few cans of beer and they’ll love you until your dying day.

This German was the surprise hero of the Scottish fan march through Köln.
byu/Callum0598 insoccer

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Policeman boogie

To be fair to the police, they must dread an international football tournament, so having a little boogie to some traditional Albanian music is a lovely way to spend a shift. Kinda dig the snake-charmy element to this tune, actually.

German police dancing with Albanian fans
byu/Minute-Cash8119 insoccer

Tartan Army

You have simply got to love the Scots. They’re born immune to rain, like how Targaryans in Game of Thrones don’t get burned by fire, and they’re using their powers for good. Fair play.

Scotland fans sheltering this old man from the rain as he walks through the street.
byu/Callum0598 insoccer


He’s waited his whole life for this, and it was just too much for him. Christ, it’s dusty in here. Or our hay fever’s playing up. Eyes won’t stop watering.

The moment Georgia scored the first goal in history at a major international tournament, one Georgian journalist in the press box couldn’t contain himself.
byu/Callum0598 insoccer

Party starter

This lady clearly doesn’t really know what the hell is going on but the younger woman is helping her out and she’s clearly having a whale of a time nonetheless. Mega-wholesome.

Beautiful interaction between Austria fans and a random elderly lady who becomes their chant leader
byu/Hic_Forum_Est insoccer


This is living in our head, rent-free, to the point that we might just have to give it squatter’s rights and hand over the keys.

Dutch fans causing a minor earthquake in Hamburg
byu/IkeaKarma insoccer

Portuguese party

No idea what they’re singing—could be a song of pure hatred for all we know—but the the universal body language of comradery tells us everyone’s having a good time here.

Portuguese and Czech fans sing together in Leipzig on the eve of the match between the two teams
byu/sittingduck__ insoccer