Pink kits are better than not-pink kits.

Pink Perfection: Nine of the greatest pink football kits from Palermo to Inter Miami…

Did you know that, a couple of hundred years ago, pink was considered masculine and blue feminine? Red was warlike and ‘manly’, and pink was a kind of like red, ergo pink was for the lads.

Hopefully we’re past all that gendered colour nonsense and, to be completely honest with you, we think pink football kits are the canine’s cojones.

A pink kit done well is better than pretty much any other colour, and so we thought we’d share some of our favourite pink kits from across the years with you, ranked in order of mintness.

9. Loja Club Deportivo 2018-19 GK Kit

FIRMLY at the bottom of our list is this certified monstrosity from Spanish fourth tier side Loja. F*cking mental. Never want to see it again. Don’t care who sponsors you or how much money they give you, get those prawns out of my sight immediately.

8. Barcelona 2018-19 Third Kit

An aerial view of Barca’s L’Eixample District seared onto a cooked salmon. Town planning through the medium of sushi. Mad. Don’t hate it, though.

Philippe Sushinho

7. Arsenal 2022-23 Third Kit

Simple, clean cut, nice collar, and a very pleasing shade of pale pink. Lacks creativity but makes up for it in smartness. Solid effort.

Starboy Bukayo Saka in pale pink.

6. Scotland 2019 Women’s World Cup Away Kit

Perfect. Opposite end of the colour spectrum to the home kit, neat neckline, enough detail to keep your eyes happy. Scotland didn’t win a game and went out in the group stage but, listen, don’t worry about it.

Scotland may have lost the game, but this kit was a winner.

5. Inter Miami CF 2024 Home Kit

Centralised badge and manufacturer logo. You don’t see it enough these days. A sponsor that fits the team and the colour scheme of the kit, too. A lot to like here, and you can guarantee it’ll be remembered forever with legends like Messi, Busquets, and Suarez in the team, as well as future stars like Cremaschi. An exciting season ahead for Beckham’s boys.

Soccer flamingos Inter Miami looking splendid.

4. Parma 2002 GK Kit

Parma know how to do football kits. Their gialloblu home kits are iconic, having been worn by legends of he game such as Hernan Crespo, Tino Asprila, Fabio Cannavaro, Enrico Chiesa, Lilian Thuram, and Juan Seba Veron. In 2002, Parma won the Coppa Italia, defeating the might Juventus, and their goalkeeper was wearing this all-time classic.

3. Hamburg 1976-77 Away Kit

Kevin Keegan on his way to the Ballon d’Or, massive 70s collar and neckline. No notes.

King Kevin Keegan rocking hot pink in Deutschland.

2. Palermo 2022-23 Home Kit

Le Aquile are the undisputed kings of the pink kit. Been doing it since day one, baby. You can pretty much take your pick of perfect pink Palermo kits over the years but, we actually think this recent effort is right up there. A classic look, and we love the collar.

Perennially pink Palermo perfected the pigment partita.

1. Juventus 1997-98 Centenary Kit

We could’ve had at least three Juve kits on this list but we’ve plumped for the best of the best. A centenary kit with a deep, dark collar. The pink harking back to the original Juve kits of yore. Sponsored by Sony Minidisc, which could not be more 1997. Italian kits made by Kappa is just fundamentally correct at a spiritual and moral level. Zidane, Del Piero, Conte, Deschamps, Inzaghi, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Inject this Juventus kit into our veins and let us bleed pink.

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