Pep Guardiola getting a little bit intense with Nathan Redmond.

5 players Pep Guardiola has whispered sweet nothings to in a post-match embrace

Imagine having the confidence of Josep Guardiola. Imagine being in a bar or a club or the supermarket, seeing some gorgeous person who definitely give you the eyes, and just walking over with the best pick-up line you’ve ever come out with. Pep’s got rizz, and he’s not afraid to use it.

Guardiola loves an on-field chat with his players after the full-time whistle, as his boys saunter off, heads down, like school children who really wished their dad wouldn’t embarrass them in front of their mates.

Oddly, though, Pep also loves a chat with opposition players. Confidence. Rizz. Let’s remind ourselves of five times the Catalan had a “friendly chat” with opposition players.

Nathan Redmond

According to Nathan himself, Pep had praised him in the tunnel after their previous meeting, but after City beat Southampton 2-1 in 2017, Guardiola was seemingly furious at him for not playing as well as he did the previous season.

In an interview, Redmond explained he was simply following his manager’s orders and that no one player is bigger than the team. To be fair, Pep later phoned Redmond to apologise for all the media attention.

Mateo Kovacic

Kovacic might be one of the most underrated players in world football. There, we said it. One man who never underrated him though… guess who.

The Croatia midfielder was outstanding against Man City last year and, at full time, game promptly recognised game.

“Kovacic was an impressive midfield force, who made City look rather routine at various stages in the fixture,” wrote the Chelsea Chronicle.

“It’s no surprise Guardiola wanted to speak with him post-match; hopefully he’s not on a transfer mission.”

Mesut Ozil

Following a 2-2 draw between City and Arsenal back in 2017, Pep was in Mesut’s ear, whispering like Lord Varys’ little birds.

Pep claims he was simply chatting about previous El Clasico games they’d been involved in, and that he was asking Ozil how he was finding living in England. Ozil just happened to be coming to the end of his contract at Arsenal…

We reckon Manchester City can afford bigger team of lawyers than we can, so that’s where we’re going to end that anecdote.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola celebrates after beating Chelsea at Etihad Stadium, Manchester, November 2022.
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Ben Chilwell

If Vincent Kompany had just scored an f*cking piledriver out of nothing, in his last season for the club, to all but secure you the Premier League title, you’d think that he would be at the top of your list of priorities at full time.

“Thank you, Vincent. Thank you for being class at football.” Something like that. But Pep was made different.

After beating Leicester with that Kompany walloper in 2019, our Pep chose to have a natter with Ben Chilwell.

“He just said he thought I was a really talented player and he wanted me to keep playing well, getting up and down the pitch and never going away from it.” Chilwell told reporters.

“That was it and then he walks off to the next person he wants to speak to. It was nice for such a successful manager to say I’m a good player.”

James Maddison

Guardiola’s Man City defeated Leicester again in 2022 and, again, Pep just wanted to have a few words with one of Leicester’s star players.

After being approached by the Catalan rizz lord post-game, James Maddison told BT that Pep had been asking him why Leicester didn’t play like they did in the last 15 mins for the whole game.


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