This is not a list you want your name in.

Fallon d’Floor 2024: Havertz & Lewandowski feature in this year’s most shameless dives

The Fallon d’Floor award for football’s most egregious, outrageous dive is a new but proud tradition.

If you try to con the referee in a blatant fashion, you can be absolutely sure that you’re going to see it clipped up and shared across social media.

You might have thought that in the age of VAR and 4K super slo-mo replays, footballers wouldn’t be daft enough to try it. Think again.

Here are 10 of the worst dives of 2024. Which nominee do you reckon is worst? Let us know @planetfutebol and keep checking back as we’ll be keeping this list updated with more shameless acts of diving throughout the year.

Kai Havertz

The football news cycle moves so fast that you’ve likely already forgotten about this one, but it made dads across the country froth at the mouth back in March, during those heady days of a three-way title race and genuine doubt that Manchester City would blitz their way to yet another title.

Replays showed that there was minimal, if not non-existent, contact from Brentford’s Nathan Collins in the box on Havertz, who flung himself to the ground. VAR obviously wasn’t interested, but the Arsenal forward was arguably lucky not to receive a second yellow for simulation.

Of course Havertz went on to score a late winner, as decreed by the narrative gods.

Fallon d’Floor nominee: Kai Havertz (while already on a yellow)
byu/Goalnado insoccer

Iza Carcelen

Come for the Joao Felix overhead kick, stay for Cadiz right-back Iza Carcelen hilarious attempt to pretend he’d been kicked in the head.

Felix’s strike stood and was deservedly named La Liga Goal of the Month in April, while Carcelen was left looking a bit ridiculous.

Iza Carcelén fallon d’floor attempt during João Félix incredible bicycle goal from multiple angles
byu/50lipa insoccer

Andraz Sporar

Until their fairly feeble showing in the penalty shootout, Slovenia can hold their heads up high with how they performed in their Round of 16 clash with Portugal at Euro 2024.

With the exception of Sporar, who was very much categorically Not Kicked In The Head by Vitinha. Nice try.

Fallon d’Floor nominee: Andraz Sporar
byu/SilentBunnyy insoccer

Paweł Dawidowicz

A wonderfully inventive entry for the Fallon d’Floor award, this one.

Specialist physios will tell you that jarring your knee will trigger an involuntary attempt at an Olympic high jump. Or not.

Paweł Dawidowicz Fallon d’Floor Candidate (Great Jump)
byu/Komalt insoccer

Van Truong Nguyen

Speaking generally, we’ve heard of most of the entries on this shortlist – with the Premier League, La Liga and Euro 2024 all represented. So it requires something pretty spectacular to get noticed in an Under-23 Asian Cup match between Vietnam and Kuwait…

Step forward, Van Truong Nguyen. In fairness, there was contact there. And don’t you just know it.

Van Truong Nguyen Fallon d’Floor candidate
byu/Nervous-Resolution-8 insoccer

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Robert Lewandowski

C’mon, Lewy. You’re far too good to be trying this kind of nonsense.

Lewandowski vs Alaves – Fallon d’Floor nomination
byu/jezfps insoccer

Santiago Gimenez

On first viewing, this looks like a pretty clear-cut collision between USA’s Antonee Robinson and Mexico’s Santiago Gimenez. We don’t blame the ref for falling for it at full speed in real time.

Replays went on to show the Mexican forward had done him like a keeper. You’re not gonna get away with this in the VAR era – and you’ll even pick up a caution for your troubles. Sweet justice.

Santiago Gimenez Fallon d’Floor candidate
byu/Doge_peer insoccer

Ciro Immobile

2024’s most delayed reaction goes to…

Ciro Immobile Fallon d’Floor (Lazio vs Empoli)
byu/Hic_Forum_Est insoccer

Jose Callejon

Your uncle can’t be doing with Spanish football. Too many prima donnas throwing themselves to the ground at every opportunity, he says.

In fairness to your uncle, three of our 10 Fallon d’Floor entries are from Barcelona matches. There’s already one bloke on the floor by the time ex-Napoli veteran farcically goes down after colliding with Joao Felix’s back. Call the ambulance.

Jose Callejon Fallon d’Floor nominee vs Barcelona
byu/Its_ABR12 insoccer

Marcus Edwards

Ex-Tottenham wonderkid Edwards is having a pretty great time out in Portugal, having played a role in Sporting Lisbon’s title win last season.

This moment from the Lisbon derby isn’t one for his highlights reel, however. Not is it for the Portuguese officials, given the referee somehow fell for this ridiculous attempt and pointed to the spot.

The decision was inevitably overturned, but for offside rather than the dive itself. Wild.

Marcus Edwards Fallon D’Floor candidate
byu/ExtraTrade1904 insoccer