Klopp leaves Liverpool: How Carragher, Tuchel, Souness & the world of football reacted to bombshell news

Jurgen Klopp has delivered the bombshell news that he’ll be leaving Liverpool at the end of the 2023-24 campaign.

The German coach was expected to remain in the post for at least another two years, having signed his last contract extension to 2026. Everything was looking set for him to further cement his legacy as a modern-day legend at Anfield, having done well to revitalise the squad and get them competing for the biggest honours once again.

He cited running out of energy as the key reason for making the decision but stressed how keen he is to end his incredible stint as Liverpool manager on a high.

“We will have a moment, maybe the last matchday here or somewhere else – I mean in other countries or other competitions” Klopp said in his announcement.

“There’s enough time to do these kinds of things. Let’s now really go for it. The outside world want to use this decision, laugh about it, want to disturb us.

“We are Liverpool, we went through harder things together. And you went through harder things before me.

“Let’s make a strength of it. That would be really cool. Let’s squeeze everything out of this season and have another thing to smile about when we look back in the future.”

We’ve compiled reactions from former players, pundits, writers and Liverpool fans to the news that has shocked the world of football.

Jamie Carragher

“This news was always going to be a body blow to the club whenever it came. I just thought it would be another few years away. What a manager, what a man, let’s go out with a bang Jurgen!” Carra tweeted.

Jose Enrique

Thomas Tuchel

“This will take me a long time to get used to. That’s a big news. I have to digest that first,” the Bayern boss told reporters in Germany.

“It is really shocking news. Kloppo is one of the very best coaches in the world and wherever he was, he always managed to put his stamp on the clubs that he was with, whether it was Mainz, Dortmund or now Liverpool, and I experienced that in England myself.”

Ray Houghton

“Yeah he was [going to leave], but I didn’t think I was going to hear it today to be honest. I was at the midweek game , I’ve got to tell you, he was fist pumping with the fans, he joined in with the fans,” the former Liverpool midfielder told BBC Radio Five Live.

“There was no sign whatsoever that he was going to make the decision that he’s made and obviously, it’s absolutely huge. What he’s done for this club and his time being in charge, nothing short of phenomenal.

“To get them back winning the league, getting them to major finals, getting that pride back in the football club, the joy of playing for Liverpool. It’s been absolutely incredible and the football they’ve played has been a joy to watch. It’s going to be one hell of a pair of shoes to fill.”

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Alan Shearer

“It is very surprising, absolutely. No one was expecting it. It’s done in the right and professional way. Liverpool fans and their football club deserve that, without it getting out,” Shearer told The Athletic.

“It probably inspires the players to give him a great send-off between now and the end of the season. They’re still in all of their competitions — they could give him a great send-off.

“Big news and a big, big surprise.”

Graeme Souness

“I’m amazed,” Souness told talkSPORT.

“I just think the demands of that job, it’s one of the best jobs in the world if you get it right and he has done that. It would appear he has got a team again but it’s just the toll it takes on the individual.”

Jamie Webster

“Don’t even know where to begin with this one. For once I’m lost for words,” commented the musician.

“All I’ll say is that Jurgen Klopp is a better human being than he is a football manager – and that’s saying something in itself, because I think he’s the best football manager in the world.”

The Anfield Wrap

John Gibbons

Henry Winter

“Huge loss to Liverpool,” commented The Times’ chief football writer.

“What an impact Jurgen Klopp’s had, not just with the trophies, the exhilarating football, but also with the emotional connection with fans. He gets Liverpool as a club and as a city. Xabi Alonso will surely be amongst contenders to succeed Klopp.”

Miguel Delaney

“It is actually so shocking news that it could be a modern equivalent of the video of Shankly’s retirement and TV reporter literally telling people on the streets – “I’m not kidding you” – except they could check their smartphones.”

Phil McNulty

“The charismatic German’s force of personality and successes have given him iconic status at Liverpool, the club he has transformed since his appointment in October 2015. Klopp can stand comfortably in the list of great Anfield managers,” wrote BBC Sport’s chief football writer.

“The news came as a bolt from the blue, especially having signed a contract extension taking him through to 2026 as a sign of his commitment to Liverpool.

“And it is even more stunning given how Klopp has rebuilt – or in his word “reloaded” – Liverpool so brilliantly this season that they are in the hunt for four trophies as Premier League leaders, in the EFL Cup Final against Chelsea, with a fifth round FA Cup tie at home to Norwich City at what is sure to be an emotional Anfield on Sunday, as well as being Europa League favourites.

“Klopp’s will be the hardest of acts to follow, not simply because of his bond with Liverpool’s fans but also the ability which makes him one of football’s greatest coaches, having brought the Champions League back to Liverpool in 2019 and their first title in 30 years 12 months later.”

“When I look at Jurgen Klopp he is such a perfect fit for Liverpool cause he is on it, he’s at it. He’s aggressive, he’s emotional and confrontational but that takes a toll. The pressure of being a manager at a big football club are enormous.”

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