Man City have created a monster with laser accurate passes & Pep Guardiola is in love

Someone needs to break into the training ground at Manchester City and find the hyperbolic chambers they’re using to create world-class footballers for the greater good of mankind.

In their steady ascent to the top of the footballing mountain, not only have City become the most well-run football club in the world with a glut of the very best players, coached by arguably the greatest manager of all time, but they’ve done the unthinkable.

They’ve gotten to a point where even their youth system is good enough to eclipse their noisy neighbours, whose entire club is founded on such an institution.

Yes, how they’ve got to that point can be discussed until the cows come home, but that’s not going to change the fact that they’ve become a well-oiled machine with particular expertise in producing stellar young footballers.

Phil Foden set the tone for a new breed at City and while many thought Cole Palmer might be the next in line to take his throne as the club’s brightest young baller, his move to Chelsea has left a void needing to be filled.

Thankfully, when you’re Guardiola’s City and you have an addiction to pumping out generational talents, it’s no longer too much of a challenge to find a talent to take the reigns.

It’s all about stepping up or stepping aside. With Pep watching on, Oscar Bobb has stepped up like ruthless aggression era John Cena and looks set to lead City into a new generation of success, one laser-guided ping at a time.

Bobb – who also possesses one of the greatest names in football right now – has been quietly cooking away in City’s youth system while being slowly blooded into the first-team setup.

It’s taken him a while to knock down the door to the first team, but since his Premier League debut in September, Guardiola hasn’t thought once about sending him back to the developmental territories.

A tricky winger with what appears to be a Sat Nav behind his eyes, the 20-year-old possesses a frighteningly accurate pass in high-pressure areas which has seen him jump the queue and become his manager’s favourite student.

His best qualities were on display as City cruised past Sheffield United, with the Blades witnessing a coming-of-age cameo from the four-times-capped Norway international, who grasped his chance with both hands from the bench.

Endlessly composed. He looks like he’s been in the team for years. Bedding into a treble-winning side with such ease is outrageous.

Grab your film cameras, because we’re about to get hipster here. Bobb’s understanding of ‘la pausa’ at such a young age, knowing when and how to slow down play to rifle his passes through the lines, is what sets him apart.

A skill that even midfield veterans struggle to nail down, the winger already has it locked. It’s no wonder that Guardiola already adores him.

“Always when he plays, it’s a high level. We’re really, really pleased!” He told reporters at full-time, adding: “He’s not a player who comes up, down from the Academy, he’s a reality for us.”

The Guardiola seal of approval is merely the icing on the cake and the beginning of something beautiful for Bobb.

By Mitch Wilks

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