13 of Pep Guardiola’s most hilariously salty and sarcastic moments: Liverpool, Money, Tackles…

Pep Guardiola has been at Manchester City for almost eight years, and in that time he’s treated us to some top-drawer sarcasm.

The master of the passive-aggressive response, Guardiola has a unique and often hilarious way of responding to questions he doesn’t like and using the media to air his many grievances.

Without further ado, we’ve compiled 13 of Guardiola’s best sarcastic responses. Enjoy.

I do it for my ego

Pep has earned his reputation as a proponent of world-class sarcasm by now, but he keeps on delivering.

His explanation of why he gave Jack Grealish a post-match b*llocking in front of the cameras is up there with Guardiola’s all-time best salty responses.

If you say something bad about Guardiola you can be sure he’s going to memorise it and regurgitate it in a menacingly calm manner.

So happy

So happy. So happy. Like you wouldn’t believe.

The meme lives on eternally years later. But the whole interview, and the poor dumbfounded BBC reporter not knowing how to take him, is sensational.

The ‘that good?’ death stare

His wide-eyed stare in response to “that good?” gives Joe Pesci in Goodfellas a run for his money. What we’d give to see Pep recite ‘Funny How? Do I Amuse You?’

We have a lot of money

Guardiola is evidently a keen consumer of the UK sports media and wholeheartedly agrees that City’s success is purely down to their spending. Ahem.

Manchester United’s spending

Pep’s congratulations to Manchester United was misinterpreted as a dig at City’s rivals and their spending. Which it kind of is, but only in a roundabout way – the point he’s making is that spending money doesn’t always guarantee success.

Celtic’s spending

An unnecessary drive-by.

Thank you so much

We don’t need a body language expert in to interpret this one.

Nottingham Forest

Take out the tone here and use the words verbatim and Guardiola sounds exactly like that Forest fan in your office. The one that’s mentioned ’79 and ’80 before you’ve finished introducing yourself.

Congratulations Liverpool

Liverpool did end up winning the title at a canter that season, in fairness. Pep got his congrats out of the way nice and early.

Premier League schedule

Thank You So Much rivals So Happy for top spot in the Pep passive-aggressive lexicon.

Jurgen Klopp would be proud of this one.

So jealous

A master at work.

Every weekend he’s diving

Channelling Liam Neeson from Taken, Guardiola is not going to stop, forgive or forget when his players get criticised.

What’s tackles?

The original and best.

Pep got pilloried for these by the proper football men for not understanding how English football works, but five Premier League titles later it’s probably safe to say he’s figured things out.

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