The little genius was superb against Nashville.

We’re delighted to announce that Lionel Messi has fried our brains yet again

The Messifying of the United States continues with almost indecent haste – especially after the World Cup winner put on another clinic during Inter Miami’s win over Nashville.

Messi continues to pull in huge crowds across the United States, with more than 72,000 spectators packing into Arrowhead Stadium for his recent MLS outing against Sporting Kansas City.

A-list guests are flocking to watch him in action, including Hollywood actor Paul Scheer, who attended Inter Miami’s 1-1 draw with LA Galaxy in February that saw the mercurial No.10 net a 92nd-minute equaliser.

And Scheer told the Offside with Taylor Twellman podcast what makes the Messi show special.

“There was a crowd there that was excited for soccer simply because…look, it’s seeing a rock star,” he said. “Regardless if you like Prince, you like Bruce Springsteen, you see them, you go, “Oh, this is a talent that is worthy,” right?

“You just are impressed and that’s it. So I feel like you had soccer fans there, not even just Galaxy fans, soccer fans, and they wanted to see a great game.

“And I think a lot of those people paid a sh*t load of money. They were going to root and bring it.

“It was interesting because we go there and we’re watching and there’s a part of me that’s like, look, I’m there as a guest of the Galaxy and I’m very happy to be rooting for the Galaxy.

“But look, we all know why we’re there. We’re there to watch this player that defies everything that we know about sports. That’s what we want to see. It’s amazing.”

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The crowd who packed Miami’s Chase Stadium for the MLS clash with Nashville were treated to a Messi performance that would’ve graced Camp Nou on a big Champions League night.

After seeing his side falling behind, the 36-year-old dragged Miami level with a thumping rebound after seeing his initial shot saved by the Nashville keeper. Colleague and friend Luis Suarez gave Messi his chance for a second bite of the cherry.

The Argentina international would go on to assist and score again to leave Miami clear of their rivals in the embryonic MLS standings, but his main impact was a moment of skill to leave jaws permanently dislocated on the floor.

Late in the game, Messi played a pass that looked for all the world like the start of a one-two. Instead, the vertically-challenged genius dummied the return ball and allowed it to slip unchallenged to a team-mate behind him.

It certainly left our brains looking and feeling like a deep-fried piece of chicken. Glorious.

Miami have now recorded back-to-back victories, despite a plethora of injuries, and Messi has nine goals and eight assists in nine games in all competitions so far this season.

Messi also laid on an assist for Sergio Busquets to celebrate his first goal for Miami since joining last July. The former Barcelona teammates connected on a corner to score the second goal of the night to put Miami ahead after conceding the opening goal in the second minute.

“I’m very happy to score and help the team,” Busquets told reporters. “Leo provided a really great corner kick and it was a matter of millimeters for me, it was lucky for me to get on it and score to help the team.

“I’m very happy [to get the assist from Messi]. I’m very happy with all that his presence means on a club level and off the field. We need to keep working to keep meeting our objectives.”

For all the talk of Premier League matches being staged in America, the impact of seeing a player like Messi live (for those who can afford the extortionate ticket prices) is much more likely to benefit the sport long-term.

After another sumptuous performance for Inter Miami, we can safely conclude that the Messifaction of the United States is continuing apace.

By Michael Lee