Milan Jovanovic may be responsible for the most superbly sh*t PL moment ever


There are few finer sights in football than watching a world-class player produce a moment of genius, a piece of play so unfathomably brilliant you can’t even comprehend doing something similar yourself.

But the opposite is also true. Sometimes there is nothing better than watching a player do something so wonderfully shit you’re reminded you’re not that different after all; that we’re all still human beings; that maybe, just maybe, it could be you down there on the pitch, doing no worse, even if you could probably do no better.

The latter was a feeling no doubt familiar to Liverpool fans during The Roy Hodgson Era – if you can call five months and 13 wins an ‘era’.

Mentioning the names of Christian Poulsen, Paul Konchesky and Milan Jovanovic is likely to send a shiver down the spine of any Reds fan, but Jovanovic at least provided one memorable moment, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Before we remind ourselves what happened, let’s first remember that the forward was once described in an episode of Neighbours as “one of the greatest [footballers] in the world”.

That episode aired in October 2011. Just over a year earlier, in August 2010, Jovanovic made his Premier League debut in Liverpool’s 1-1 draw against Arsenal and did this:

On this day 10 years ago, Milan Jovanovic produced this iconic moment from r/soccer

We all have a mate who once had trials and maintains they could’ve made it as a professional footballer. But even for those of us condemned to a lifetime of two left feet when it comes to playing football, Milan Jovanovic will always provide inspiration that maybe, just maybe, the dream isn’t over yet.

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