Mido during the Premier League match between Middlesbrough and Birmingham City at Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough, September 2007.

8 of the worst attempts at Soccer AM’s crossbar challenge: Mido…

Soccer AM’s crossbar challenge could make heroes of the most unlikely of players – but it could also make them look a bit…sh*t.

The concept was simple: hit the bar from the halfway line. The execution was much less so.

We’ve rounded up 8 of the worst attempts at the challenge, featuring a double entry from Mido.


The king.

Billy Paynter

Leeds United fans will not be surprised to see Paynter’s name on this list.

Jamie Clarke

He never looked confident.

Lee Trundle

A Soccer AM legend, but truly terrible tracky bottoms.

Neil Mackenzie

Stop horsing around.

Jake Livermore

The last attempt in this clip, and a reminder that Livermore is an England international.

Andy Crosby

You know it’s bad when a lad dressed as Wonder Woman looks embarrassed for you.


Barry Mason

“Barry Mason, assistant manager, three foot two legend.”



We’re starting to think he’s not taking this seriously.

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