10 of the worst attempts at Soccer AM’s crossbar challenge: Mido, Mido & more

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Soccer AM’s crossbar challenge could make heroes of the most unlikely of players – but it could also make them look a bit…sh*t.

The concept was simple: hit the bar from the halfway line. The execution was much less so.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the worst attempts at the challenge, featuring a double entry from Mido.


The king.

Billy Paynter

Leeds United fans will not be surprised to see Paynter’s name on this list.

Jamie Clarke

He never looked confident.

Lee Trundle

A Soccer AM legend, but truly terrible tracky bottoms.

Neil Mackenzie

Stop horsing around.

Jake Livermore

The last attempt in this clip, and a reminder that Livermore is an England international.

Andy Crosby

You know it’s bad when a lad dressed as Wonder Woman looks embarrassed for you.

Paul Caddis

Which goal was he aiming for?

Barry Mason

“Barry Mason, assistant manager, three foot two legend.”

Nathan Dyer

To be fair, he did say he wouldn’t reach.


We’re starting to think he’s not taking this seriously.

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