10 people who have felt the wrath of Jurgen Klopp: Lampard, Keane, Kelly…

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp can be an incredibly warm and popular character when he’s pleased with how things are going.

However, Klopp is never afraid to voice his frustrations when he feels that things have unjustly gone against him and his players.

The manager can lose his cool at times, and we’ve taken a look at 10 of the incidents where people have felt his wrath.

Des Kelly

It was an incredibly frustrating end to Liverpool’s match against Brighton, as VAR judged Andrew Robertson to have fouled Danny Welbeck in the box, allowing the home side to score a 93rd-minute equaliser.

Speaking on BT Sport, Des Kelly’s questioning after the final whistle clearly touched a nerve, making things even worse for Klopp, who ended up debating with the journalist rather than being interviewed by him.

The German even went on to blame the broadcast media for his players getting injured, as this game was a 12:30 kick-off, following Liverpool’s match on Wednesday night.

Neil Swarbrick

During Liverpool’s draw against Chelsea in 2018, Klopp was clearly unhappy when the Blues were awarded a penalty and felt his side should have had a free-kick in the build-up.

When Simon Mignolet saved the ensuing spot-kick, Klopp turned to the fourth official, Swarbrick, and could be seen shouting in his face.

The Reds boss later apologised, but it doesn’t seem as though the fourth official was too bothered, as he replied: “No problem, I like your passion.”

Another fourth official

We would have absolutely hated being this man when Klopp took all of his frustrations out on him.

As Klopp’s Borussia Dortmund side lost 2-1 against Napoli, this moment of madness led to the German being ejected from the game. For the official’s sake, we hope Klopp at least had a mint before the game.

Frank Lampard

Liverpool may have been wrapping up the league, but there was still reason for Klopp to get into an argument on the touchline.

Lampard had taken issue with how Klopp and his staff were conducting themselves on the touchline against Chelsea, calling them arrogant.

The 53-year-old wasn’t going to take this without reply and a war of words between the two ensued.

Sam Allardyce

With Liverpool 1-0 up against Sunderland in 2015, Jeremain Lens put in a tackle on Mamadou Sakho that Klopp felt warranted a red card.

The German and his staff were up in arms when he got a yellow, before having an argument with Allardyce that escalated so much that stewards needed to calm the situation down.

Allardyce will feel like he had the last word though, as, in typical fashion, the former Bolton Wanderers manager called Klopp a “soft German.”

Patrick Davison

There have been times where Klopp’s reaction to journalists asking questions has veered into insulting them and this is definitely one of those times.

The fake laugh and openly condescending attitude make this interview a pretty uncomfortable one to watch.

Roy Keane

Klopp didn’t completely lose his cool this time around, but the quickening of the German’s speech and the look in his face indicated he was struggling to hold back the red mist.

All of this came from hearing the word “sloppy” come out of Keane’s mouth after the Reds’ 3-1 victory over Arsenal, and it all turned out to be a misunderstanding.

It’s safe to say the former Manchester United midfielder was left bemused.

Johan Mojica

The Liverpool Echo reported that when Atalanta’s Mojica threw himself to the floor under pressure from Georginio Wijnaldum, Klopp shouted: “Are you serious!? I broke my nose five times, it was not one time a foul.”

The Liverpool manager must have said it with some intensity, as he was booked by referee Ovidio Hategan.

Xherdan Shaqiri

Klopp played this moment down, but it seemed as though the German really wasn’t pleased with Shaqiri’s performance after a Carabao Cup defeat against Chelsea in 2018.

You don’t get the sort of success Klopp has achieved without demanding the best from your players and the Reds manager is clearly far from pleased when he doesn’t get it.

Everton ballboy

Klopp doesn’t exactly come across as the sort of bloke who accepts being disrespected and this ballboy clearly got on his nerves.

While the Liverpool manager kept his cool, the youngster got some stern words and seemingly the threat of a slap from Klopp for sarcastically clapping him.

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