101 things we loved in 2017: Paul Pogba, Pep Guardiola, meal deals…

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Rarely does a day pass by that there isn’t something from the world of football to make us smile – and now we’ve rounded up some of the things we enjoyed most in 2017.

Every Monday we publish a list of moments we loved over the weekend just gone, but football keeps us entertained 365 days a year, not just on matchdays.

Throw in some of the nonsense that entertains us in the office, and some of the best things we’ve seen published by friends, partners and inspirations over the past year, and 2017 has been alright.

1. Paul Pogba continuing to make Garth Crooks look silly.

2. Peter Crouch’s enduring brilliance.

3. Listening to Three Lions six months early despite knowing it’s going to end in tears.

4. Rotating lunches between Boots, Greggs & Tesco meal deals.

5. COPA90 continuing to produce consistently brilliant videos.

6. Liam Gallagher’s emphatic return as a hilarious gobshite.

7. Pep Guardiola making Manchester City brilliant.

8. This photo of Roy Hodgson and Slaven Bilic.

9. Our mates at Football365 winning Online Media of the Year at the Football Supporters’ Federation awards.

10. The Gaffer crumbling under the pressure of having to try the quizzes in the office.

11. Samuel Saiz stealing Rob’s heart.

12. Publishing a list of 10 players then realising you’ve included 11.

13. Celebrating a last minute winner against a 12-year-old on Ultimate Team like you’ve just won the World Cup.

14. Watching Eden Hazard play football.

15. Arsene Wenger’s refusal to call it a day.

16. Jordan Doyle’s writing on following Marine FC.

17. Anthony Martial nutmegging anyone and everyone.

18. Lionel Messi being Lionel Messi.

19. Eric Dier and Dele Alli’s bromance.

20. Son Heung-min’s handshakes.

21. That fuzzy feeling we get when we remember Leicester actually won the title.

22. Tom Victor’s always brilliant writing, but especially his piece on Adel Taarabt and the line: “He’s the type of man who could sell a dummy to a brick wall. He could dribble around an M.C. Escher staircase. He could nutmeg the air.”

READ: A celebration of Adel Taarabt and his ability to make your dad angry

23. Antonio Conte’s hair transplant.

24. The Manchester derby ending with a scrap in the tunnel.

25. The simmering tension between the Football Weekly and Totally Football Show lads.

26. Thinking about what might have happened if Gazza got his toe on it against Germany at Euro 96.

27. Joe Barbieri’s illustrations.

28. Meetings at Wapentake on a Tuesday when the pints only cost £2.

29. The Arsenal 89 documentary.

30. Ian Wright.

31. Reddit.

32. Mundial making the best magazine in the world.

33. The weird and wonderful world of Athletico Mince.

34. Struggling to work out whether Jesse Lingard is good or not.

35. The ridiculous achievements of England’s youth teams.

36. Fara Williams scoring directly from kick-off.

37. Non-league dogs.

38. Pub dogs.

39. Dogs that invade football pitches.

40. Wayne Rooney continuing to knock them in despite people crying “his legs have gone” for the past five years.

41. Kolo Toure wading in on Piers Morgan on Twitter.

42. Wondering how many Where Are They Nows we can do which involve Gilberto Silva so that we get to mention he has a giant anteater named after him in London zoo.

43. The French woman who plays the scissors in Noel Gallagher’s band

44. Interviewing John Barnes and only talking about World In Motion and the Anfield Rap.

READ: John Barnes: I was p*ssed recording World In Motion and Anfield Rap

45. This photo of John Barnes and Bernard Sumner.

46. Dan Kendall’s wonderful What Makes A Club photo series.

47. The new Adidas Predators.

48. The old Adidas Predators.

READ: Trying to solve the great mystery of the revolutionary Adidas Predator boot

49. The Walsall fan who booked a cheap hotel only 11 miles away from Portsmouth then realising it was on the Isle of Wight.

50. Discovering England players planned to celebrated by running straight down the tunnel at Wembley if they had scored the first ever Golden Goal in the Euro 96 semi-final.

51. Shaka Hislop’s get up.

52. Everyone remembering that Mesut Ozil is actually an excellent footballer.

53. Premier League clubs being linked with players you signed on Football Manager 2008.

54. Martin De Roon becoming our favourite player.

55. Going to Dortmund, feeling like a member of the Secret Service and getting drunk while stood in the Yellow Wall.

56. Speaking to former Inter boss Gigi Simoni about Serie A being dodgy as f*ck.

READ: Gigi Simoni interview: Inter, Ronaldo and the great controversy of 1998

57. Just how ridiculously handsome Gaetano Berardi is.

58. Football stickers.

59. This amazing video from our mates at Turnstile.

60. The enduring legacy of Paul the Octopus.

61. Leeds United completing a century of loan players since relegation.

READ: A Leeds United fan has ludicrously rated all 100 loan signings since 2004

62. Josh Parkin’s illustrations.

63. Seeing how many Leeds references Rob can get into this.

64. Extremely serious conversations about whether you’d rather have the legs of a crab or arms of a crab.

65. The 1 like = 1 ridiculous thing thread for Newcastle.

66. Andrea Pirlo, always.

67. Tino Asprilla dressing up as a t-rex and riding horses.

68. Rob being set to lose a £20 bet with a Wolves fan over whose team gets into the Premier League first even though Wolves have been relegated to League One during that time.

69. Mike Skinner returning with The Streets.

70. Goalscoring goalkeepers.

71. 21-man brawls.

READ: The Joy Of…21-man brawls: Featuring Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea and more

72. Yer Da jokes.

73. The Gaffer having a kid.

74. Rob getting a new dog.

75. The Brudenell Social Club.

76. This photo.

77. Greggs replacing Jesus in the nativity scene with a sausage roll.

78. Savouring every last moment of Francesco Totti’s career. We love you, mate.

79. Mohamed Salah going 22-carat ewok for Liverpool.

80. Peep Show references.

81. Xherdan Shaqiri giving the Gaffer hope that everything is going to be alright at Stoke.

82. Big Nev.

83. Dries Mertens suddenly becoming Diego Maradona reincarnated at Napoli.

84. Diego Maradona. Siempre.

85. That mad Mario Mandzukic goal in the Champions League final.

86. Eartha Pond and her work for the Grenfell Tower victims.

READ: Meet the Spurs Ladies star helping Grenfell victims in her own time

87. Playing three at the back.

88. The British Culture Archive Twitter account.

89. David Squires.

90. Tony Yeboah not actually dying.

91. Counting down the minutes until it’s acceptable to go for lunch.

92. Reading, then re-reading, then re-reading Joel Golby’s article on Gazza again and again.

93. Will Unwin’s One-Game Wonders series.

Read: How George Graham turned an England starlet into a Leeds United outcast

94. Thinking of Michael Owen as the 18-year-old wonderkid who was the best teenager on the planet.

95. Watching YouTube compilations of Robbie Fowler’s goals.

96. Cristiano Ronaldo’s self-confidence.

97. Alex Hess’ writing.

READ: Matt Jansen, the man who turned down Fergie, & the agony of ‘what if?’

98. Jozy Altidore winning the MLS.

99. Panama qualifying for the World Cup.

100. Dirk Kuyt scoring a hat-trick in his final match as a professional footballer to clinch Feyenoord’s first league title in 18 years.

101. Everyone that was written for us, drawn for us, helped us out in any way or taken the time to read our stuff. You’re all mint.

Have a great Christmas and New Year. Here’s to an even better 2018.

Lots of love,
Us Lot x

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