11 memorable half-time team talks: Ferguson, Warnock, Brown…

A rousing half-time team talk is often the inspiration a side need to go forth and triumph – as Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and even England have found out over the years.

Every manager has their own methods to get a tune out of their players – some subtle, others not so – as their job is ultimately on the line.

Such methods, as these 11 team talks show, range from genius to downright bizarre.

Ashley Young

You’re 2-0 down to your rivals. Your rivals’ fans are jeering you. Your rivals are about to win the league against you. You’re facing potential humiliation.

These are just some of the circumstances that were facing Young and his Manchester United team-mates as they trudged down the tunnel at the Etihad Stadium, 45 minutes away from seeing their neighbours romp to the Premier League title.

What followed was Young – accompanied by Michael Carrick – giving the team talk of his life.

According to The Guardian, Young bellowed: “The City fans are shouting ‘Olé’ and they’re embarrassing us. Are we going to stand for that?

“Remember your responsibilities to the fans and the badge. Show some pride and fight for each other.”

Young’s tirade did the trick as United pulled off a monumental comeback in the second half, winning the match 3-2 and delaying City’s title celebrations.

Martin Keown 

Had it not been for Martin Keown, we may never have known ‘The Invincibles’.

Not just an immense presence on the pitch, Keown was tasked by Arsene Wenger to give his half-time team talk when Arsenal found themselves 2-1 down to Liverpool deep into the 2003-04 Premier League season.

Having been knocked out of the FA Cup and Champions League in the space of three days the week prior to this Liverpool clash, Wenger knew preserving their unbeaten status was paramount.

Thierry Henry went on to score a hat-trick, and the Gunners won 4-2 without Wenger saying a word at half-time.

Scott Parker 

Tucked in shirt, short sleeves, black boots, smart RAF-style hair cut – Scott Parker is the epitome of a model pro.

These qualities clearly stretch far into the dressing room, where ex-West Ham striker Carlton Cole recounts a famous half-time call to arms from the great man himself, when the Hammers were 3-0 down to West Brom in the Premier League.

“Scott was in the zone – I’ve never seen him like that. If you were there you would have had a tear in your eye.” Cole told the BBC.

“Scott Parker showed a lot of passion in the changing room and it spurred us on.”

The Hammers came back to draw 3-3, proving every football team, not matter what level, needs a Scotty Parker.

Neil Warnock

Ah Neil Warnock. If ever there was a good old British antithesis to the Guardiolas of this world, it’s good old Neil Warnock.

This is presumably quite a middle-of-the-road Warnock bollocking, but its availability on Youtube has made it a rather famous piece of theatre.

The most chilling part of the ‘Warnock method’ is his pre-tirade routine: sip a cup of tea alone in the showers (fully clothed) and seethe.

There’s little finesse here – “you’re in f*cking Latvia!” being a definite highlight – but it can’t be denied it’s often effective.

The full, unedited team talk is below for your viewing pleasure:

John Sitton 

Another old-school rant, this time from Leyton Orient assistant manager John Sitton.

Sitton was always a maverick, which culminated in him sacking one of his own defenders at half-time against Blackpool during their relegation season in 1994-95.

This team talk is from a different occasion – a 3-0 loss to Brentford to be exact – but it contains Sitton dishing out some harrowing home truths.

Despite the passionately delivered monologue, Orient did not improve and were relegated to the Third Division following Sitton’s sacking towards the end of the season.

Phil Brown 

Perhaps the most famous team talk on this list, who can forget Phil Brown’s very public humiliation of his Hull City team?

4-0 down away at Manchester City – they hadn’t quite become good yet – and Brown decides to go all Mike Bassett on his players.

Jimmy Bullard made light of Brown’s Brent-esque antics by replicating the on-pitch team talk with an equally famous celebration.

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Neil Warnock (again)

We couldn’t let you go without more Warnock-fuelled excitement.

This clip is from a fly-on-the-wall documentary from his time at Sheffield United, where he is engaged in a three-way, testosterone-fuelled shouting match with Phil Jagielka and captain Chris Morgan.

This could easily be from a Sunday League dressing room, and that’s why we love it.

Sir Alex Ferguson 

“Lads, it’s Tottenham.”

While Sir Alex is synonymous with the hairdryer method of motivation, he was hardly a one-trick pony.

Before a league game against the north London side – notoriously fragile in those days – Fergie came into the dressing room and uttered those three immortal words, and nothing else.

Although this was pre-match and not at half-time, we couldn’t leave this off our list.

Of course it still did the trick, and it took Tottenham years to shake off that tag, all courtesy of Sir Alex’s ‘team talk.’

Jose Mourinho 

As the thrilling three-way title race of the 2013-14 Premier League season was entering its climax, Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea side travelled to the Etihad to face their title rivals Manchester City.

What did Mourinho do to inspire his players to victory? Give an impassioned call to arms? Nope.

Let the masseur take the team talk of course.

Billy McCulloch – long-serving masseur and an immensely popular figure around Stamford Bridge – poured his heart out to the Chelsea team.

“He was screaming so much in his Scottish, I didn’t understand,” remarked Mourinho after the match.

“But the players were clapping, OK let’s go!”

Chelsea beat City 1-0.

Sir Alf Ramsey

How do you give a team talk to win a World Cup?

After Germany’s late equaliser in the 1966 final, Sir Alf Ramsey had a very simple message for his England side before extra-time:

“You’ve won it once. Now you’ll have to go out there and win it again.”

Same again this summer please Gareth…

Zinedine Zidane 

Zinedine Zidane has already won a great deal for such a young coach.

Becoming the first manager to retain the Champions League is an incredible achievement, so we will leave you with footage of Zidane’s team talk at half-time of the 2017 Champions League final against Juventus.

At this point the score was 1-1.

They won the game 4-1.

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