11 of Gunnersaurus’ best moments: Zebra racing with Bellerin, fishing…

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Of all the losses to normality we have endured during this pandemic, this one may just be the most difficult to bear.

On Transfer Deadline Day, news broke that beloved Arsenal mascot Gunnersaurus was being released by the club after 27 years service – rumours of a late approach by West Ham remain unfounded. Despite having no thematic link to Arsenal Football Club, the reptilian prince entranced a generation of young Gunners supporters and managed to capture the hearts of a fair few neutrals too.

Here, we present 11 of Gunnersaurus’ best moments:

Playing with Arsene Wenger

A relationship once memorably immortalised by Guardian cartoonist David Squires, the two cornerstones of Arsenal Football Club share a precious moment on the training field.

Best Buddies

Two of society’s purest creatures enjoy cuddles and play fights on the Emirates pitch.

Shot stopper

Not even Andrea Pirlo would dream of attempting a Panenka on Gunnersaurus.

Training fiend

But, with all this practice, is it any surprise our green friend is the new Buffon?

Silky Skills

He’s not bad with his feet either.

Smooth Criminal

It’s not hard to imagine Gunnersaurus being a cool customer on the dancefloors of Islington’s finest establishments.

The New Cumberbatch

He can also be relied upon for his chameleon-like acting skills.

Partey Time

Many birthdays have been curtailed this year, but with friends like these who needs fancy celebrations?

Setting hearts racing 

We’d have loved to be a fly on the wall in the meeting where this photo op was conceived.

Domestic God

Gunnersaurus is a creature of many talents – here, he shows us his dedication to keeping a clean sheet.

Pottering about

Eschewing the craze surrounding Tiger King, Gunnersaurus is clearly a dinosaur that knows his own mind.

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