11 things we loved this weekend: Pogba, Bielsa, Messi, Meireles & more

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As far as a standard January weekend in football goes, this was pretty fun.

‘Spygate’, Tottenham vs Manchester United, Lionel Messi being Lionel Messi and Raul Meireles being Raul Meireles – there was a lot to take in.

We’ve rounded up the best of the action on and off the pitch.

Paul Pogba & Marcus Rashford

That pass, and that finish. Oh, they’re good.

David de Gea

Eleven saves to keep Spurs out, the most he has made in a Premier League match without conceding. And while your dad is still arguing that all the shots were too close to the goalkeeper, Ben Foster puts him right.

Andre Schurrle

Fair play, Andre. Fair play.

Marcelo Bielsa

We’re not saying Rob has completely fallen in love with Marcelo Bielsa, but his tattoo of the Leeds United manager is looking pretty good right now.

Iñaki Williams

Williams last goal at San Memes came in 2016. Then he did this.

Iñaki Williams, again

What do they say about buses? Very fast, goalscoring buses?

Alphonso Davies

The 18-year-old made his Bayern Munich debut and caught the eye with this wonderful nutmeg.

Lionel Messi

Just the 400 La Liga goals for Messi now, more than 29 clubs have scored in their entire history.

Luka Modric

He’s good, isn’t he?

Thorgan Hazard

*listens to Family Affair by Sly and the Family Stone*

Raul Meireles

No words are necessary.

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