11 times Graeme Souness was wonderfully angry on Sky Sports

Graeme Souness is not afraid to make his feelings clear as a pundit on Sky Sports – and sometimes he doesn’t even need to speak to get his point across.

Souness told us he “never really liked” his hardman tag as a player, but it would be fair to say he wasn’t one to sit back and watch when he didn’t like what he was seeing around him on the pitch.

And absolutely nothing has changed since he moved to the studio…

David Jones

Asked by David Jones whether he thought Liverpool had played well in their 0-0 draw at Manchester United, Souness was complimenting the visitors when he spotted Jones’ face.

And he didn’t like what he saw.

David Jones again

Jones has actually become something of an expert at dodging Souness’ pointed questions. It comes with experience.

Jamie Redknapp

Watching Souness react to the comments of Jamie Redknapp has become something of a spectator sport in itself.

Their arguments over Paul Pogba are particularly fun – and this was a sensational zinger from Souness when suggesting the Man Utd midfielder should have been sent off against Tottenham.

“If the referee doesn’t see that as a foul, then he knows nothing about football either”.


League Cup draw

Souness even managed to get annoyed by Redknapp when he drew Liverpool to face Chelsea in the semi-finals of the League Cup in 2014.

If looks could kill.


Souness has agreed with Redknapp at least once before in fairness, causing quite the stir in the studio when describing Pogba as “really good”.

Thierry Henry

Souness does not like being interrupted. “I’M TALKING!”

Thierry Henry & Gary Neville

Seriously, he doesn’t like it.

To be fair to Souness, this was quite rude.

Simon Thomas

We’re not entirely sure what annoyed Souness here: Simon Thomas suggesting Wayne Rooney could play in the US, Gary Neville’s reaction to the suggestion, or the fact that he wasn’t allowed to butt in.

Probably all three.

Alex Scott

Souness is not a fan of modern football terminology.

Mesut Ozil

Souness certainly doesn’t reserve his disdain for presenters and pundits. He particularly enjoys laying into Arsenal – and unsurprisingly is not a fan of Mesut Ozil.

Granit Xhaka

“Stay on your feet, you fool”.

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