26 of the best It’s Coming Home memes: Eminem, Chucky, Del Boy…

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England have reached the semi-finals of a World Cup for the first time since 1990 – and the entire country has caught ‘It’s Coming Home’ fever.

What started out as a joke for many has become more of an unwavering belief as England have progressed in Russia, but whatever happens, the social media game has already been won.

Here are some of the best memes that have been flying around over the past few weeks.


Different, but brilliant.

David Brent

Promise me you’ll remember one thing.

Planet of the Apes

Even the apes know.


Possibly one of the funniest yet. And slightly scary for our inner child who remembers watching this for the first time.

Only Fools and Horses

Just look at Sir Gaz’s smile.

Vladimir Putin

Well, Russia are out…

Wolf of Wall Street

This should have been the actual speech.




Ron Burgundy knows.

Frank Butcher

That bow tie would look decent with a waistcoat, actually.


The effort that went into this!

Kevin and Perry

Scenes reminiscent of nightclubs up and down the country this weekend.


This just about sums it up. The realisation that you’ve heard Three Lions more in the past two weeks than ever, but also that it’s f*cking brilliant.

Friends (again)

Only it’s already on the plane, half way to London.

Alphabetti spaghetti

In other news, we’re over the moon to find out alphabetti spaghetti is still in production.

South Park

Mr Mackey is well into it, m’kayyyy.

Napoleon Dynamite

The news has well and truly crossed the Atlantic.

Fortune cookie

If a fortune cookie says it, then it’s going to happen.

A pug

Even the animal world know.

The Matrix

Ok this is brilliant.


“Taxi for football.”

Jesse Lingard

You know it’s coming home when the actual players are tweeting about it coming home.

David Beckham

When Becks speaks, we listen

Southgate’s waistcoat

Pinstripes are dead.

Gareth knew all along! #ItsComingHome

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Forget Mr or Mrs, address Carmen as “it’s”.

Gareth Southgate

He can see it, for sure.

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