13 of Louis van Gaal’s funniest moments: Sex masochism, fat man…

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Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal before the match against Norwich City at Carrow Road, May 2016.

Louis van Gaal has won several major honours during his managerial career – and he’s provided plenty of entertainment along the way, too.

The Netherlands manager is one of football’s larger-than-life characters, but we’re never quite sure whether his comedic act was intentional or not. Perhaps that’s part of the fun.

We’ve taken a look back at 13 of his funniest moments.

Sex masochism

When asked by Sky Sports about an incident involving Marouane Fellaini which saw the midfielder have his hair pulled by Robert Huth, Van Gaal replied by pretending to pull the presenter’s own hair before coming out with this corker.

“It’s not in the books that somebody has to grab with the hair. Only in sex masochism… then it is allowed.”

That stare

He still scares us quite a lot.

Mike Smalling

That look on his face the second time when he doesn’t realise why people are laughing.

That dive

Just imagine what Arsene Wenger was thinking.

Amsterdam Pride

Credit where it’s due, he knows how to have a good time.

Fat man

Spare a thought for Neil Custis.

Pencil problems

Be careful, mate.

What a slapper

Whether it be journalists or Ryan Giggs, LVG loves a patronising slap.

Paul Merson

Why don’t you tell us what you really think, Louis?

The awards speech

At the end of his first season in charge of Manchester United, Van Gaal delivered a speech at the club’s Player of the Year awards which Gary Neville described as the “best and funniest 20 minutes” he has ever had.

Louis van Gaal’s red army

An absolute classic.

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