13 things we loved this weekend: Rose, Firmino, Messi, Hazard & more

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While football’s immediate future remains uncertain, Danny Rose has left us in no doubt he’s one of the good guys this weekend.

Elsewhere, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher rekindled old rivalries, and who doesn’t want to see a video of ‘football hooligans’ comparing how much their jumpers cost?

We’ve rounded up what caught our eye most this weekend.

Danny Rose

Rose continues to show he’s one of the very best.

Kenny Dalglish

Thankfully the Liverpool icon has been released from hospital after his health scare, which prompted this story to surface.

Jamie Carragher

When Gary Neville was asked who replaced him in his final game for Manchester United, when he was given a torrid time at West Brom, Carragher stepped in first: “Someone from the crowd!”

Neil Warnock

We should have got this family on our podcast episode on Colin.

Eden Hazard

Summing up exactly how we all feel right now.

Ronaldo and David Beckham

Two Galacticos shooting the breeze – what’s not to like?

Sid Lowe’s dog

A new rival to Non-League Dogs.

Lionel Messi

We felt exactly the same when we met Eirik Bakke when we were 11.

Roberto Firmino

Is there anything he can’t do?

Asim Chaudhry

We’re quite jealous of these, even though none of us support Newcastle.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

The Manchester United boss was doing his bit for the club’s youngest players.

Lucas Radebe

It was The Chief’s birthday at the weekend, which seemed as good a reason as any to dig out this classic photo.

Swansea yoof

To get you in the mood for the rest of the week, here’s a video clip of football hooligans correcting each other on how much their Lacoste jumpers cost.

“Hundred and 10 quid, pr*ck.”

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