21 of the best football phone-in calls: Niemi, Pulis, Wombles, parking tickets

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The world of football phone-ins is a bizarre and interesting place, but some callers provide absolutely golden moments.

Between talkSPORT and BBC Radio 5 Live, the likes of Jason Cundy, Robbie Savage and Ian Wright sit and listen to various callers rant and share their views – however ridiculous they may be.

But sometimes, it goes even further, with callers not knowing players’ nationalities, starting war with the pundits or even not being able to do simple maths.

Antti Niemi

We start with this absolute classic.

Trophy for second

Liverpool went extremely close to winning the Premier League title in 2018-19, but should they get a trophy for it?

Title chances

Let’s just say Savage doesn’t seem to share this Arsenal fan’s belief the Gunners are set for the title.

Dan the “disgrace”

After England’s heroics at the World Cup in Russia, this Liverpool supporter rang up attempting to create some kind of rivalry between his club and the national side.

As a result, Jason Cundy labelled him “scum” in an exchange that actually lasted around 10 minutes.

Tony Pulis

Robbie Savage’s reaction says it all.

Mourinho > Bielsa

The more cynical among you might suspect this Leeds fan suggesting Jose Mourinho should replace Marcelo Bielsa at Elland Road may not actually be a Leeds fan.

Lukas Podolski

Being top of the league wasn’t good enough for this extremely emotional Arsenal fan, who was questioning Lukas Podolski’s whereabouts despite his prior transfer to Galatasaray.

To be fair, he was right about Arsenal not staying top.

Simon Grayson

Sometimes dreams do come true.

Micky Quinn

You just have to laugh. It’s harsh, but you have to.

Robbie Savage’s mum

We’ve literally got no idea what she’s doing there, but no-one should take her on.

England Under-21s

You know when you think you’ve come up with a really good idea?

Dean Saunders

This came a bit out of nowhere.

Seven pairs of trainers

This is an epic. We’re not sure what parking tickets have to do with it, but hearing Robbie Savage get this wound up is gold.

Charles the Ghana fan

The comparison of Avram Grant to “an anthill in winter” is utterly spectacular.


How many teams are in the Premier League? Seventeen and a half. Maths definitely wasn’t this fella’s strongest subject.

The Womble

Another completely ridiculous classic from talkSPORT.

World Football phone-in

This guy really lost his cool on the legendary BBC show.

Alvaro Morata

It’s at this stage you realise maybe the listener base of talkSPORT that is struggling as a whole.

Third best in the country

Yet another example of someone winding Robbie Savage up. It makes great radio, to be fair.

Swansea curse

Stewards: The next time you see someone waving an inflatable Jesus around, don’t say anything.

Ray Wilkins

Some phone calls are more important than others.

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