Joel Matip during the Premier League match between Everton and Liverpool in Liverpool, England, December 2021.

23 times Liverpool’s Joel Matip was the funniest player in the world

While Joel Matip has won the Champions League and the Premier League in recent seasons, he has also been able to provide Liverpool fans with plenty of entertainment. 

Matip has been a brilliant defender for the Reds when fully fit, but he’s also delighted fans with his bizarre behaviour and hilarious antics.

We’ve collected 23 of his funniest moments on and off the pitch since joining Liverpool in 2016.


Comedic facial expressions and a dedication to being totally unique saw Matip steal hearts during Liverpool’s win over Newcastle in December 2021.


You can tell Jurgen Klopp loves him like a rogueish son.

All smiles

*Record scratch*

*Freeze frame*

“Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation.”


He should probably stick to the day job.

Dancing x2

While we have no idea what’s going on here, we absolutely love it.


Matip playing bowling should be its own TV series.

Angry walk

He is really is a walking meme.

Angry walk x2

This is even better than the original.


We’ve all been there.


Never change, Joel.

Training x2

Don’t forget the ball.

Training x3

Just a bit over the top.


We have no idea why this is so funny but it just is.


He should probably leave this to the forwards.


He’s unintentionally hilarious.


Matip even stole the show during Liverpool’s title celebrations.


He had yet another hilariously awkward moment after their 4-1 win against Everton.

Super Cup

“I don’t know! There was no special plan for it,” Matip told the club’s official site when asked about his now iconic celebration.

”It’s funny and I think I make a lot of people laugh, so it’s not too bad. I can laugh about myself, that’s absolutely no problem. I’m looking at this and I say, ‘Ah, that’s quite funny.’

”If somebody else would do it, I would also laugh. I would have no problem to laugh about me. I can laugh about some things when other people do something, but I can also laugh about myself.”

Good on ya, Joel.

Jurgen Klopp

He’s just a really big kid.


Matip goes through a real range of emotions in just 10 seconds.

Tantrum x2

It’s safe to assume that Matip wasn’t too happy with the linesman.


We’ve watched this on repeat at least 100 times.

Burnley x2

Ashley Barnes can get under anyone’s skin.

We don’t think there’s another player around that would react to his antics quite like this, though.

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