Birmingham City's David Dunn playing in the Premier League game against Portsmouth. St Andrews, September 2003.

17 hilarious footballer fails: David Dunn, RVP, Balotelli, Nani…

We often think of footballers as superheroes, capable of things we can only dream of, but occasionally they’re just as rubbish as the rest of us.

There was no better example than in October 2003 when David Dunn attempted a rabona, miss-kicked the ball and fell flat on his face. In a Second City derby. Ouch.

But he’s certainly not the only player to have briefly embarrassed himself…

David Dunn

All these years on, this still takes some beating.

Robin Van Persie

A tremendous striker of the ball, Van Persie didn’t always get it right.


Mario Balotelli

Even when he’s f**king up, you can’t help but love Mario.


This wasn’t a moment of lost ability but a moment of pure stupidity.

Iago Aspas

This was before Aspas got good.

Wahbi Khazri

Maybe there needs to be a list of pre-approved players who can try rabonas? Everyone else, leave them alone.

Raul Jimenez

In fairness, Jimenez has produced some brilliant rabonas in his career but this wasn’t one of them.

Danny Welbeck

It’s never a good sign when your opponent is laughing.

Jamie Pollock

One of the great own goals, this would have been tremendously skillful if only it was at the right end.

Lee Dixon

Always check where your keeper is before a backpass.

Jon Walters

Scoring one goal is bad. Scoring two in the same game is horrendous. Scoring two own goals, missing a penalty and kicking the ball into your own face…it’s a good job Jon Walters is made of strong stuff.

Marouane Fellaini

Nothing summed up Fellaini’s first season at Manchester United better than this.

Luke Varney

You know how balance is a key part of being a footballer, yeah?

Steve Stone

And this would have been such a nice goal.

Chris Iwelumo

On the subject of misses you can barely believe…

Roberto Soldado

When Roberto signed for Villarreal in 2015, someone decided it’d be a good idea to get him to kick a ball into the crowd. It wasn’t a good idea.

Cheltenham Town

At least the run-up was good.

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