17 of the strangest football Wikipedia pictures: Neville, Gazza, Parlour…

Former Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United players are among those to have some particularly interesting pictures attached to their Wikipedia pages.

The go-to fact website gets very careful not to break copyright laws when it comes to pictures, which results in some rather entertaining images making it onto their pages.

Pictures where fans are cropped out, players are pulling strange faces and even looking like the next James Bond are among the pick of the bunch.

Chris Waddle

We’re not sure where he is, or what he’s doing, but that must be one nice cup of coffee.

Darren Moore

We’re struggling to work out why the specification of Moore being at Burton while this picture was taken is useful.

Dean Ashton

Is he handing a boot to someone? Receiving a boot from someone? Or inspecting it at arm’s length because he forgot his reading glasses?

Gary Neville

Ok, so we know this is just a good honest gesture from the University of Salford, but G Nev really does look like a wally here.

Jamie Carragher

And Neville’s Sky partner in crime isn’t blessed with a great Wiki photo either. It’s as if a 17-year Liverpool career produced not a single picture.

Jermain Defoe

The name’s Defoe, Jermain Defoe.

Lee Hendrie

Everything from the grainy quality to the pose in a car makes this a wonderfully odd choice for a Wikipedia. Also, not updated since 2000, which is good going by anyone’s standards.

Les Ferdinand

Now playing: Akon – Lonely.

Louis Saha

Anyone know what Louis is doing at a web summit (whatever that is)? This seems like one of those times where someone walks into the wrong television interview knowing nothing about their supposed specialism.

Ray Parlour

Looking like your nan after three weeks in the south of Spain, only Ray is actually 33 in this picture.

Rob Green

Presumably this was taken after the World Cup. He’s probably still thinking about that USA game…

Teddy Sheringham

A pretty innocuous photo until you question what the hell he is wearing.

Stan Collymore

Collymore played countless Premier League games, picked up three England caps and even scored an overhead kick against Leeds, but his Wikipedia picture? An action shot from a 1999 friendly between Fulham and Yeovil Town, of course.

Jonny Evans

A classic car park pose with someone cropped out. 10/10.

Joseph Desire Job

Don’t ask us how this found its way in here, just enjoy it while it lasts.

Moussa Sissoko

Moussa was snapped here after a three-hour cry while listening to Adele.

Paul Gascoigne

We’re not even going to try explain this.

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