25 of football’s greatest own goals: Traore, Dixon, Bale, Brass…

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It can be hugely embarrassing to score an own goal – but if you’re going to do it, you might as well make it memorable.

When a player puts the ball into the wrong net it provokes an unusual feeling from a spectator. Should you celebrate? Should you laugh? Should you feel sorry for the player?

Here is a selection of own goals that will make you laugh, cry and downright confused.

Jessy Moulin

Two defenders, the post and the keeper. Just eight days into 2020, Saint-Etienne provided us with a strong contender for funniest own goal of the decade.

Djimi Traore

It doesn’t matter how many times we watch this, we will just never work out what Traore was attempting to do.

Lee Dixon

Roberto Firmino, we see your no-look finishes and we raise you.

Gareth Bale

He only scores great goals.

Chris Brass

Another faceplant, this is utterly iconic.

Kieran Trippier

The anguish as he realises what he’s done is genuinely painful.

Juninho Bacuna

Sometimes, it’s just too tempting not to try a volley.

Franck Queudrue

The actual physics of this are absolutely outrageous.

Jamie Pollock

This had such an impact on QPR fans that Pollock was named the most influential human being of the millennium in a poll they hijacked, beating Jesus Christ and Karl Marx into second and third place, respectively. Classic City.

Jon Walters

Scoring one goal is bad. Scoring two in the same game is horrendous. Scoring two own goals, missing a penalty and kicking the ball into your own face…let’s just say it’s a good job Jon Walters is made of strong stuff.

Shane Duffy

Not wanting to be outdone, three years after Walters’ nightmare day Duffy attempted to outdo him, scoring two own goals before getting sent off against Cardiff.

Gareth Barry

Sometimes, a player does something and then immediately wonders why. This was one of those times.

Richard Dunne

Manchester City players seem to have a habit of scoring own goals, but Dunne was the master.

Vincent Kompany

And then there are the ones where you think “how’s that even gone in?”

James Collins

It does occasionally happen against City, at least.

Eric Bailly

If you accidentally backheel volley it into your own net against one of your biggest rivals, just pretend you’re injured.

Gary Neville

It’s possible to score an own goal which is entirely someone else’s fault.


Three in seven minutes is pretty damn impressive. Fair play

Santiago Vergini

Maybe there’s a problem with the training at Sunderland?

Stijn Spierings

In May 2018, the Sparta Rotterdam man went in for a tackle against FC Dordecht in the 89th minute of a relegation play-off, with his side 1-0 up. This happened.

Darren Bent

Sometimes we wonder if strikers do this on purpose to stop managers from sending them back. Keep me up top, gaffer!

Niklas Süle

As if scoring an own goal isn’t bad enough, getting smacked in the face quite hard with the ball is just adding insult to injury.

Geoffrey Kondogbia

This may have come in a friendly, but long-range own goals are always memorable.

Victor Bernardez

Not only is the finish ridiculous, this also comes with a fine self-assist to boot.

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