Who have been the 20 most successful clubs of the Premier League era?

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The Premier League is 25 years old – and only Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and Everton have remained part of the furniture.

In total, 49 different clubs have competed in the top flight since its rebrand in 1992, with Brighton and Huddersfield the most recent additions.

You can get best odds of 2500/1 on My Betting Sites if you fancy either of those two to become the seventh club to win the competition, but both have got a long way to go before they break into the list of the top 20 clubs in terms of Premier League points, points per game or seasons spent in the top flight.

Each metric could be used as a method to rank the most successful clubs of the modern era – and judging by these there are several clubs currently playing in the Football League that can lay claim to be among the top 20.

Premier League total points 1992-2017

Manchester United started this season with a 199-point cushion at the top of the 25-season table, with Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool making up a familiar-looking top four.

Seven of the clubs in the top 20 no longer dwell in the top flight, while Sheffield Wednesday and League Two side Coventry were only edged out last season by Stoke and West Brom.

Outside the top 20, Bournemouth are the only team of those who competed in last season’s Premier League that have yet to break the 100 points barrier.

Huddersfield and Brighton will be looking to do better than previous one-season stayers Cardiff, Swindon (both 30 points) and Barnsley (35 points), while anything better than Blackpool’s 39 points should see the Terriers and Seagulls remain in the top flight for another crack at it next year.

1. Manchester United 2021
2. Arsenal 1822
3. Chelsea 1789
4 .Liverpool 1677
5. Tottenham 1447
6. Everton 1324
7 Aston Villa 1223
8. Newcastle 1183
9. Manchester City 1171
10. West Ham 1004
11. Blackburn 969
12. Southampton 853
13. Leeds 692
14. Middlesbrough 661
15. Sunderland 618
16. Fulham 586
17. Bolton 575
18. Leicester 505
19. West Brom 433
20. Stoke 424

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Seasons spent in Premier League

Only six clubs have been around for every one of the 25 Premier League seasons. Beyond that six, Aston Villa have spent the most time in the top flight since 1992, with last season the first they were not involved in.

Over a third of the 20 clubs to have had the most seasons in the Premier League now reside in the Football League, with Coventry in League Two and former champions Blackburn in League One, where Leeds, Bolton and Leicester have all endured spells.

25 Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Everton
24 Aston Villa
22 Newcastle
21 West Ham
20 Man City
18 Southampton
17 Blackburn
16 Sunderland
15 Middlesborugh
13 Bolton, Fulham
12 Leeds
11 Leicester, West Brom
9 Coventry, Stoke

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Average points per season

The top four replicates the table for the total number of points gained, but Manchester City edge out Tottenham for a place in the top five.

After Spurs come Leeds United, who haven’t been in the top flight since 2004, and Blackburn, with Newcastle and Everton completing the top 10.

Wimbledon’s performances during their eight seasons is enough to get them above more consistent competitors West Ham (21 seasons) and Southampton (18 seasons).

1. Man Utd 80.04
2. Arsenal 72.88
3. Chelsea 71.56
4. Liverpool 67.08
5.  Man City 58.55
6.  Tottenham 57.88
7.  Leeds 57.67
8.  Blackburn 57
9.  Newcastle 53.77
10. Everton 52.96
11. Norwich 51.29
12. Villa 50.96
13. Sheffield Wednesday 49
14. Wimbledon 48.88
15. West Ham 47.80
=15. Nottingham Forest 47.80
17. Southampton 47.38
18. Stoke 47.11
19. Swansea 46.5
20. Leicester 45.90

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