The 2023-24 Premier League kits with each club’s most iconic sponsor

New Premier League kits are releasing like wildfire, and while some look great, the mind can’t help but wonder what they’d look like with a more vintage feel.

Kit sponsors are often lambasted by many, with too many people of the opinion that a sponsorless shirt is always best. That simply isn’t true, and looking back at older shirts with sponsors from yesteryear is testament to that.

The issue these days is clubs jumping at the chance to put an unknown and morally questionable Chinese betting company on the front of their shirt, or a cryptocurrency chain, whatever they are.

So, for the love of nostalgia, we’ve rounded up all the 2023-24 home offerings so far and given them a vintage splash by placing an iconic, older sponsor on the front.


Fly Emirates isn’t one of the worst offenders, admittedly, but the Gunners’ new kit looks infinitely better with that bold JVC logo.  Arsenal 23-23 kit classic sponsor

Aston Villa

Villa’s kit this season has caused a stir among fans, with the new club badge and the BK8 sponsor proving polarising.

While the badge might grow on people, the BK8 sponsor certainly won’t. Terrible decision and a swift Google search will tell you why. Things look much more settled with Mita Copiers on the front, though. AVL kit 23-23 classic sponsor

AFC Bournemouth

Come on, look at that beauty. Enough to double Bournemouth’s fanbase, surely. Bournemouth 23-24 kit classic sponsor


The Bees really need a new sponsor. Like ASAP. Their star man Ivan Toney has just received a footballing ban for placing bets, and was diagnosed with a gambling addiction, but will return to the pitch as a walking advertisement for gambling in January.

So poor.

Brentford 23-24 kit classic sponsor


Burnley are back in the top flight and have ditched last season’s Classic Football Shirts sponsor for the incredibly jarring W88 betting logo.

It’s massive and ruins an otherwise nice shirt, so we’ve fixed it.

Burnley 23-24 kit classic sponsor


A club this big announcing their 2023-24 home kit without a sponsor sums up just how chaotic it is at Chelsea currently.

What we do know for sure is that the Three logo they had before was a serious eyesore and didn’t fit their shirts at all. We’ve gone back to the glory days of Samsung here and hope Chelsea do too.

Chelsea 2023-24 kit classic sponsor

Crystal Palace

We’d rather not ‘Cinch’ it, Crystal Palace.

A polarising home kit and a spectacular away kit, both fixed with a classic sponsor.

Palace 23-24 home kit classic sponsor

Palace 23-24 away kit classic sponsor


The Toffees survived by the skin of their teeth last season and celebrate another year of Premier League status with a brilliant, retro kit.

Or we should say what would’ve been a brilliant kit if not for that Stake logo. Change needed.

Everton kit 23-24 classic sponsor


Adidas have put together a sensational kit for Fulham this season. That half-and-half design with the sleeve stripes is sensational.

But what would make it even better? The return of Pizza Hut on the front. Serious y2k vibes. Bring it back, Cottagers. For the love of the game.

Fulham 23-24 kit classic sponsor


Kind of goes against the whole moral argument about gambling sponsors and cryptocurrency, but there aren’t enough alcohol sponsors on the front of shirts anymore.

We’re in fantasy land here, so we can enjoy ourselves a bit. Especially with how good the vibes were with Liverpool x Carlsberg shirts.

Liverpool 23-24 kit classic sponsor

Liverpool away 23-24 classic sponsor

Manchester City

City are officially one of the big guns these days, especially now they’ve finally got their hands on a treble. But they lack heritage.

This season’s kit is a big improvement on that, harking back to their early 2000s years. We’ve slapped Brother back on the kit and it improves it tenfold.

Man City 23-24 classic sponsor

Newcastle United

Less sportwashing, more Brown Ale.

Newcastle 23-24 kit classic sponsor


The AIA logo on the front of Spurs’ shirts isn’t bad by any means, but it’s just not all that memorable.

Much like Liverpool with Carlsberg, Tottenham looked brilliant adorning Holsten on the front of their jerseys.

Spurs 23-24 classic sponsor

West Ham

A rather bland kit, we’ve had to save West Ham by going retro.

That Dr. Martens front-of-shirt sponsor back in the day was absolutely iconic. Bring back unique partnerships like this one.

West Ham kit 23-24 classic sponsor

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