23 of the best Bands FC designs: When music and football collide

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Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City‘s badges have been incorporated into brilliant designs featuring iconic music artists in the wonderful Bands FC project.

Be it the historic link between indie and rock music to football supporters and often their attire, to rapper Loyle Carner styling himself in retro shirts, football and music often go hand in hand.

And one Twitter account has taken football and music fans by storm by merging the two in what can only be described as wonderful art.

The brainchild of The Charlatans’ frontman Tim Burgess Bands FC has sprung into life, using the work of designers and illustrators including the likes of Mark Liptrott, Chris Walker, Stan Chow and Peter Saville to merge iconic football club badges with iconic bands and artists to create something quite brilliant.

It has gone down so well, in fact, that there will be exhibition at the renowned Salford Lads’ Club on November 25.

We’ve taken a look at some of their best concoctions, from The Stone Roses to Queen, The Beastie Boys to Weezer, and it’s bloody brilliant.


The Beastie Boys


The Cribs

Echo & the Bunnymen



New Order


The Smiths


The Chartlatans

The Cure


Queens of the Stone Age


Arctic Monkeys

The White Stripes

Franz Ferdinand

The Verve


Wu-Tang Clan


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