27 of the best out of context football clips: Man Utd, Barca, Ronaldo & more

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Coleen Rooney may have won at Twitter, but Out of Context Football is at least a close second.

The account posts random clips and screenshots of football moments without any explanation of the circumstances, and that only adds to the joy.

We’ve rounded up 27 our favourite tweets from the @nocontextfooty account, although there could have been at least 100 more.


It’s like he has his mind on something else.


When you just get a little bit too excited after a goal.

Give us a hand

When you really want to show the lads your appreciation.

High five

Oh, mate.

Victor Lindelof

FFS, Victor.

Marcelo Bielsa

It must be hard work being a Leeds United player.

Michel Bastos

You just know how this is going to end once you see how serious he is.

No messing

Don’t take the p*ss out of the big man.


Well that escalated quickly.

Manchester United

At least he’s honest.

Play on

Isn’t the ref meant to stop the game after a head injury?

Eden Hazard

Strawberry (A) is always a tough trip.


That’s one way of bonding as a team.


He should retire on the spot after doing this.

Ashwood City



Ruining birthdays since 2018.


The Polish top flight is our favourite league in the world.


A solid effort from the goalkeeper to catch this stray dog.


The Spurs players look genuinely gutted he didn’t score.


You alright, mate?

Your dad

Good to see him taking the divorce well.

Phil Jones

Seems quite accurate.


Whoever smelt it dealt it.


Earning the respect of your older pros can be difficult.


Well played, ref.

Jamie Vardy

We imagine he does this exact same banter every week.

Offside trap

We still can’t work out what’s happened here.

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