28 things we loved about the 2019-20 season: Liverpool, Bruno, Bielsa, Messi

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Liverpool celebrate winning Premier League

Finally, almost 12 months on from its start, the longest league campaign in history has come to its conclusion. Despite the weirdness of it all, it has been a lot of fun.

We can barely remember the start of the 2019-20 campaign, but it has provided plenty of memorable moments along the way.

So, to mark the end of the 28th season since football officially began, here are 28 things we loved about 2019-20.


Jurgen Klopp, Jordan Henderson, just all of them. Turns out it was their year. And by quite some distance.

Andy Robertson

But especially Andy Robertson. A footballer you can always relate to and an absolutely brilliant bloke.

Jadon Sancho

The best and most important celebration of the season. Well done, Jadon.

Marcus Rashford

Lobbying the government to ensure kids don’t go hungry by day, making defenders cry with an elastico by night. Not all heroes wear capes.

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Kevin De Bruyne

Don’t ever forget to appreciate watching this man in the Premier League.

Bruno Fernandes

We’re already thinking the same about this man, too. Has anyone ever made moving to the Premier League mid-season look this easy?

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Frank Lampard’s interviews

An FA Cup final, Champions League qualification, and he’s also been a comedy genius in every one of his interviews hahahaha, but nah, seriously, he’s done an excellent job.

(Our resident Leeds fan would like to distance himself from these views.)

Frank Lampard

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Chris Wilder

What a manager. What a man.

Lionel Messi

It supposedly hasn’t been a vintage season for Messi and Barcelona, yet he’s still scored 25 goals and provided 21 assists in La Liga alone.

He’s even reinvented free-kicks.

Marcelo Bielsa

Sure, he’s a managerial genius, but those hugs for Pablo Hernandez are Kalvin Phillips are what it’s all about.

Pablo Hernandez

A man who could nutmeg a mermaid. A man who could spot a pass in a blindfold. A man who could find the bottom corner of a sphere.

Said Benrahma

Expect to see him in the Premier League next season – whether Brentford get there or not.

Michael O’Neill

When Michael O’Neill took over at Stoke, they had eight points from 15 games. The gaffer’s a Stoke fan and was making our lives hell. They eventually finished 15th, eight points clear of the bottom three, and now we’re all enjoying work again.

Polish Ekstraklasa

If you’re ever feeling down, just check out the Reddit page EkstaklasaBoners.

Mason Greenwood

What were you doing when you turned 18? In fact, don’t answer that.

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Erling Haaland

The most satisfying sound of the season.

Santi Cazorla

Since returning to Villarreal, Cazorla produced a combined 43 goals and assist in all competitions. No midfielder in Spain managed more during the same period. We’re so happy he’s had this swansong.

Graeme Souness

He may have had his critics, but Souness has shown an admirable willingness to try to educate himself on important matters – see also his discussion about Black Lives Matter with Micah Richards.

James Milner

You can take the boy out of Leeds…

Jamie Carragher

A man who often sums up exactly how we feel.

Robert Lewandowski

His numbers are taking the p*ss, quite frankly.

The Broken Metatarsal

If you love 2000s football as much as we do, apparently there’s a really good podcast all about it. This episode especially was ace.

Arsenal’s kits

We’ll miss these kits. But bring on Manchester United’s dazzle camo

Jose Mourinho

Never change, Jose.

Micah Richards

A breath of fresh air in the punditry box. He’ll even stand up to Roy Keane.


The defender will be talking about this for years.

Kyle Walker

There’s nothing better than an outfield player going in goal.

Gareth Bale

We can only admire his commitment to shithousing Real Madrid.

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