A club-by-club breakdown of wages in the Premier League & Championship

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Clubs have submitted their finances to companies house, and it comes as no surprise that Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United are among those with the highest wage bills.

Figures have been released for the 2016-17 campaign, with some surprises among the higher and lower spenders.

There’s a Championship club with a top 10 Premier League wage bill, while the second-highest spender finished just sixth.

1. Manchester City
League position: 3rd (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £264.1m

2. Manchester United
League position: 6th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £263.5m
Notes: EFL Cup winners, Europa League winners

3. Chelsea
League position: 1st (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £219.7m
Notes: FA Cup runners-up

4. Liverpool
League position: 4th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £207.5m

5. Arsenal
League position: 5th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £199.4m
Notes: FA Cup winners

6. Tottenham
League position: 2nd (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £126.9m

7. Leicester City
League position: 12th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £112.6m
Notes: Champions League quarter-finalists

8. Southampton
League position: 8th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £112.5m
Notes: EFL Cup runners-up

9. Newcastle United
League position: 1st (Championship)
Total wage bill: £112.2m
Notes: Promoted to Premier League

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10. Everton
League position: 7th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £104.6m

11. Swansea City
League position: 15th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £98.7m

12. West Ham
League position: 11th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £95.0m

13. Stoke City
League position: 13th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £84.9m

14. Sunderland
League position: 20th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £84.4m
Notes: Relegated from Premier League

15. Crystal Palace
League position: 14th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £80.6m

16. West Brom
League position: 10th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £79.1m

17. Watford
League position: 17th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £76.0m

18. Bournemouth
League position: 9th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £71.5m

19. Middlesbrough
League position: 19th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £64.9m
Notes: Relegated from Premier League

20. Aston Villa
League position: 13th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £61.5m

21. Hull City
League position: 18th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £61.3m
Notes: EFL Cup semi-finalists, relegated from Premier League

22. Burnley
League position: 16th (Premier League)
Total wage bill: £61.2m

23. Norwich City
League position: 8th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £55.1m

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24. Brighton
League position: 2nd (Championship)
Total wage bill: £40.4m
Notes: Promoted to Premier League

25. Derby
League position: 9th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £39.8m

26. Fulham
League position: 6th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £37.1m

27. QPR
League position: 18th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £30.7m

28. Sheffield Wednesday
League position: 4th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £29.3m

29. Cardiff City
League position: 12th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £29.0m

30. Nottingham Forest
League position: 21st (Championship)
Total wage bill: £28.6m

31. Wolves
League position: 15th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £28.2m

32. Reading
League position: 3rd (Championship)
Total wage bill: £27.9m

33. Birmingham City
League position: 19th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £22.5m

34. Blackburn
League position: 22nd (Championship)
Total wage bill: £22.0m
Notes: Relegated from Championship

35. Huddersfield
League position: 5th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £21.7m
Notes: Promoted to Premier League

36. Bristol City
League position: 17th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £20.9m

37. Leeds United
League position: 7th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £20.7m

38. Ipswich Town
League position: 16th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £17.8m

39. Wigan Athletic
League position: 23rd (Championship)
Total wage bill: £16.6m
Notes: Relegated from Championship

40. Brentford
League position: 10th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £14.7m

41. Preston
League position: 11th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £13.5m

42. Barnsley
League position: 14th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £9.4m

43. Rotherham
League position: 24th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £8.7m
Notes: Relegated from Championship

44. Burton
League position: 20th (Championship)
Total wage bill: £7.7m

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