A definitive ranking of every home kit at the 2018 World Cup

A new World Cup brings with it the joy of seeing plenty of new football kits. And there’ll be some crackers in Russia.

How a kit is remembered can often be decided by the success – or lack of – achieved while wearing it, but with the tournament yet to start, this year’s efforts are all yet to be tarnished.

Not afraid of tackling the big issues in football, we’ve ranked every home shirt at this summer’s World Cup from worst to best. We’re not the first to do this, of course, but we wrote definitive in our headline which makes it best.

32. Tunisia

Earns points for being made by Uhlsport. Loses points for not being very nice.

31. Iceland

It’s going to be quite awkward when Iceland knock out England and Scotland fans are going to have to buy this.

30. Russia

We’re not going to be the ones to tell Russia they’re going to be playing at their own World Cup in a Wales shirt, so if somebody else can that would be great.

29. Switzerland

The pattern seems to be one of those puzzles where you have to find your way out of a maze.

28. Morocco

Is it just us or is the collar a bit too big? It’s not big enough to be big, but it’s too big to be small. The badge looks good though.

27. Portugal

Weird neckline, innit?

26. Panama

Let’s face it, you didn’t have a clue what a Panama kit looked like; what colour they wear, if it’s patterned, what badge they have. Now you do.

25. Denmark

Denmark and Hummel should be brilliant. But this is not.

24. Iran

Very standard, very mediocre.

23. Uruguay

It’s quite difficult to make out the pattern on the front but then when you see it in a bit more detail it becomes apparent that’s probably a good thing.

22. Costa Rica

In a tournament dominated by Nike and Adidas, New Balance offer a nice breather.

21. Senegal

Sadio Mane will look pretty good in this, running past defenders really fast, to be fair.

20. South Korea

As good as a plain red shirt with Nike’s weird neckline on awkward numbers can be – which actually turns out to be pretty decent.

19. Serbia

There are lots of red and white shirts on display at this summer’s tournament. Puma have got it right for Serbia.

18. Australia

Tim Cahill, in his seventh World Cup, volleying the ball home from 40 yards, looking like he plays for Brazil. Lovely stuff.

17. Saudi Arabia

Nice, clean and minimalist.

16. Egypt

The checkered finish is a nice addition to a basic but smart design.

15. Poland

Poland have got a very good shirt for this summer. Fair play.

14. England

This is actually good, but not as good as the training top.

13. Peru

Peru kits are always great, aren’t they? Sashes FTW.

12. Mexico

We want Mexico to do really well at this World Cup.

11. Sweden

Good. Nice collar trim. It’s getting hard to say different things now.

10. Spain

Just look at those zigzags. Absolutely yes.

9. Japan

A polka dot kit? Banging.

8. Belgium

Belgium are always better in the away shirt stakes, but this is pretty jazzy.

7. Brazil

It looks like a Brazil kit always looks, and that’s always a good thing.

6. Argentina

It’s actually impossible for Adidas to make an Argentina shirt which isn’t ace.

5. France

Look at Olivier, there. Bloody hell. Just look at him.

4. Colombia

Radamel Falcao has lightning bolts down his ribs and we’re well into it.

3. Germany

Absolutely bloody brilliant.

2. Nigeria

You know all about this by now. You considered buying it, hovering over the Nike website until it was too late and they were all gone.

1. Croatia

Woof. Just woof.

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