A fascinating insight into Liverpool’s 2018-19 financial results after CL win

Liverpool have made enormous progress in the Premier League and Champions League under Jurgen Klopp – and it isn’t doing them any harm financially.

After finishing second in the league and beating Tottenham in the Champions League final in 2018-19, the Reds have been left in a great position financially.

And, as always, football finance expert Swiss Ramble has done a sensational job in not only making sense of it all but even making it interesting to look at.

Overall revenue

Liverpool’s revenue rose by £78million to a record £533million in 2018-19. That growth came from broadcasting income (£261million), commercial income (£188million) and matchday income (£84million).

That was the third-highest revenue in England last season, behind Manchester City (£535million) and Manchester United (£627million).

However, their investment in the squad saw the wage bill increase by £46million to £310million, also giving them the third-highest wage bill in England.

Overall they made a £42million in profit before taxes, which is more than any other Premier League club have reported to date for 2018-19.

Champions League

Liverpool’s run in the Champions League last season gave them their sixth European title and also had a big impact on their financial results.

A 50% increase in the new UEFA rights deal helped them make £98million from European TV money, a figure only bettered by Barcelona’s £104million.

It is also more than double what Chelsea received for winning the Europa League last season.

After reaching two successive Champions League finals, Jurgen Klopp’s side have now made £167million from European TV revenue over the last two years.

Profit on player sales

Liverpool have made some shrewd signings in the transfer market in recent years, but they have also become a club that sells well and gets good money for their fringe players.

There was no huge Phillipe Coutinho-type windfall in this year, but the Reds still generated a £45million profit from player sales in 2018-19. Chelsea and Leicester are the only clubs to make more in 2018-19.

Most of that profit came from Dominic Solanke’s £19million move to Bournemouth and Danny Ward’s £12.5million transfer to Leicester City.

Over the last five years, Liverpool now made a £306million profit on player sales, which is significantly more than Arsenal (£170million), Manchester City (£147million) and Manchester United (£69million).

If you want to look over the finer details, it’s worth reading @SwissRamble’s brilliant Twitter thread in full.

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