Ranking the PL top five by amount of time they’ve led in games this season

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A full-time result doesn’t always tells the story of a Premier League game, with momentum often regularly changing during the 90 minutes.

Liverpool have undoubtedly been the best team in the league this season and remain unbeaten after 25 games, but they have had to pull some results out of the bag after trailing.

Here’s a look at how long each Premier League side in the top five have spent winning, drawing and losing in the competition so far this season,Ā based on data from Statsbomb.


Jurgen Klopp’s side may have scored their fair share of late winners over the last few months, but they have still been in the lead for 63.7% of their season.

Indeed, Liverpool have fallen behind in just four Premier League games, with Tottenham, Aston Villa, Newcastle and Manchester United the only teams to go in front against them.

The Reds were losing for a combined total of 195.30 minutes in those four games but managed to turn them all around, winning three and drawing one.

It’s no surprise they are 22 points clear at the top of the table.

Manchester City

While City may have failed to match the ridiculously high standards they have previously set under Pep Guardiola, Liverpool are still the only team with a better record.

The Blues have won 16 of their 25 league games and have been in the lead for 1,132.86 minutes, which equates to 46% of their campaign.

However, they have been trailing for a combined total of 423.66 minutes this season, more than double Liverpool’s figure.


Frank Lampard’s Chelseaā„¢’s results have been generally consistent with the amount of time they have spent in the lead.

The Blues have been ahead for a 42.5% (1,130.78 minutes) of their total minutes so far this season, and they have won just less than half (12) of their league fixtures.

They have lost slightly more games (eight) than perhaps would have been expected from trailing in 21.9% of their overall minutes.


Tottenham had a really poor start to 2019-20, but the table is probably a fair reflection of where they should be based on their performances.

Jose Mourinho’s side sit fifth having spent 34.5% of their total minutes in the lead – and four teamsĀ have spent a greater share of time in the lead so far this season.

Spurs have been behind for 792.8 minutes (35.24%) in the league this season so it is hardly surprising that they’ve lost eight of their 25 games (32%).

Leicester City

Leicester are currently third in the league table but have spent a smaller proportion of their time winning than Everton, Tottenham and Manchester United.

The Foxes have only been in the lead for 30.7% of their campaign, but Brendan Rodgers’ side have still managed to get 15 league wins.

They have also spent the majority of the season (48.3%) being level in games yet have only drawn four times.

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