Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp and Schalke's Ralf Rangnick attend a press conference. July 2011.

‘An outstanding coach’ – What PL managers have said about Rangnick

After spending most of his career in Germany, Ralf Rangnick is now a Premier League manager with Manchester United.

Rangnick is taking over the reins at United on an interim basis until the end of the season but will also remain at the club for at least a further two years in a consultancy role.

We’ve taken a look at what some of the current Premier League managers have said about the 63-year-old.

Jurgen Klopp

– “He’s one of the best, if not the best German coach,” Klopp said when asked about Rangnick in 2020.

– “Unfortunately, a good coach is coming to England, that’s how it is, to Manchester United,” the Liverpool manager said in November 2021.

“Ralf is obviously a really experienced manager. He most famously built two clubs from nowhere to proper threats and forces in Germany with Hoffenheim and [RB] Leipzig. He did a lot of different jobs in football but always his first concern was being a coach and a manager. That’s what his best skill is.

“United will be organised on the pitch, we should realise that, and that’s obviously not good news for other teams. But all coaches in the world need time to train with our teams and Ralf will pretty quickly realise he has no time to train because they play all the time, so that makes it a bit tricky for him. But apart from that, a really good man and an outstanding coach, if it happens, will come to England.”

Ralf Rangnick as manager of RB Leipzig, 2016

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Pep Guardiola

– “Personally? No,” Guardiola said when asked if he knew much about Rangnick. “I spoke once to him in my lifetime by phone.

“I never met him, but I know he did an incredible job in an organisation like Red Bull Leipzig and Salzburg and has big experience in Germany, is incredibly well known. But personally, I haven’t met him.”

Thomas Tuchel

– “Yes, tactically for sure he [Rangnick] is an elite manager,” the Chelsea head coach said in a recent press conference.

“He helped me a lot because he was my coach and then he was one of the main figures to convince me to try coaching so he had a huge influence on all of us at this time.

“He showed us it’s not necessary to follow people to the toilet in football games because that was the belief in these days, that the defenders follow the strikers wherever they go. He showed us it’s possible to defend everybody in a zone.”

Brendan Rodgers

– “I think they have appointed a very experienced man in football, both in his role as a sporting director and as a coach,” Rodgers said in November 2021.

“I don’t know Ralf personally. I came across him when I was at Liverpool and we had a phone conversation and then when I was at Celtic, I played against his Red Bull Leipzig team.

“But he’s clearly a very, very experienced guy who is very well thought of in the game, and he will come in and offer that experience and that stability to the club and they will assess it from there.”

Ralph Hasenhuttl

– “I know him very well,” Hasenhuttl said during a press conference. “We had two very successful years at RB Leipzig. He was a sports director there and I took the team over after he promoted the team to the Bundesliga.

“I know how he is and how he works. he is a very hard worker. I think he needs a very good team around him and then he will turn every stone around there, for sure, because he doesn’t want to have any weakness in any part of his club.

“Half a year is not so long, to be honest, to turn things around, but especially in the beginning, he will have a big impact at the club for sure.”

Erling Haaland celebrates scoring for RB Salzburg, May 2019.

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David Moyes

– “[He is] a very experienced manager, very well thought of throughout the coaching world so that will be interesting for Manchester United,” Moyes said in November 2021.

“He is someone who is incredibly well thought of throughout Europe and now we have a chance to see him in the Premier League.”

Patrick Vieira

– “Obviously, I know the name and what he accomplished when he was in Germany,” Vieira said. “I know that he is somebody that is well respected in football and I think I will be like everyone else, I will wait and see what he will do at Manchester [United].

“But I think it’s always good to have somebody with that experience in the Premier League.”

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