Tottenham's head coach Ange Postecoglou

12 amazing stats behind Ange Postecoglou’s superb start to life at Tottenham

Ange Postecoglou has made an instant impact at Tottenham as his side currently sit top of the Premier League table with 23 points in their opening nine matches.

Of course, we are still in the early days of this Premier League season, but it’s hard not to get carried away with just how good Spurs have looked under Postecoglou so far.

The Australian boss has had to navigate some difficult scenarios too as he had to say goodbye to Tottenham’s all-time top goalscorer Harry Kane in the summer.

However, despite the loss of Kane, Tottenham have looked ruthlessly efficient in front of goal. Spurs currently boast an unbeaten record in the league and who knows where this run of form could take them.

Postecoglou has introduced plenty of fresh ideas at Tottenham after the likes of Jose Mourinho, Nuno Espirito Santo and Antonio Conte struggled to deliver much success with their defensive-minded approach.

“That’s the beauty of our game,” Postecoglou told Sky Sports. “The beauty of football is that there are so many ways you can have success, so many ways you can set up your team, so many ways you can counteract the opposition.

“I’m probably at one extreme and there are others at the other extreme and we can both have success in this game.

“I think especially with a football club like this, that has consistently looked for that in their teams, they’ve loved the entertainers, there’s a connection there with that kind of football.

“So, if I can bring that kind of football, I think we get the supporters behind us, which is going to be super important and that energy then is transferable to the team. And then the next bit of that is to have success with it.”

We’ve taken a deeper dive into Tottenham’s impressive start under Postecoglou and have picked out 12 impressive stats which show just how good they have been.

– Tottenham have averaged 2.55 points per game under Postecoglou in the Premier League. When averaged over an entire campaign, that would be worth a whopping 97 points, which would be Tottenham’s best-ever Premier League tally.

– Postecoglou boasts a win percentage of 70% in the Tottenham dugout. Impressively, that tally is higher than any other Spurs boss has managed.

– Spurs have scored an average of 2.22 goals per game and are projected to score 84 goals throughout the campaign. Their highest-ever scoring campaign came in 2016–17 when they hit the back of the net 86 times.

– Under Postecoglou, Tottenham have been ruthlessly clinical in front of goal. They have scored 20 goals so far and have overperformed their xG by 1.5 goals, the sixth biggest xG overperformance in the league so far.

– Postecoglou has set a new Premier League record for the most points accumulated in a manager’s first nine Premier League matches. Guus Hiddink previously held the record with 22 points in his first nine matches.

– Tottenham have a chance conversion rate of 10.2% under Postecoglou. This is above the Premier League average which currently stands at 9.0%.

– Son Heung-min has been the most clinical player in the Premier League so far. The South Korean international has overperformed his xG by 3.6 goals, giving him the biggest overperformance in the league.

– Postecoglou’s side have been thrilling to watch in the final third and they have taken an average of 18.7 shots per game, which is more than any other Premier League side.

– Tottenham also have a great work ethic off the ball. They have managed to make an average of 19.9 tackles per game under Postecoglou – a rate only bettered by Crystal Palace this season.

– Using WhoScored average match ratings, Cristian Romero has been the best centre-back in the league this season with an average rating of 7.39.

– Tottenham have had 375 touches in the opposition’s box, which is more than any other Premier League side has managed.

– James Maddison has been thriving under Postecoglou and the 26-year-old has created 29 chances so far which is more than any other Premier League player has managed.

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