Becks & Sting tantra, shy wees & other nonsense – The Broken Metatarsal

We remember some of our favourite moments from The Broken Metatarsal in the final episode before Christmas, featuring some extended chat about David and Victoria Beckham’s pre-World Cup 2002 party.

That party has dominated Mark’s thoughts ever since Danny Mills first told us all about it in the second episode of the current series, and it’s one of several moments from the three series so far we look back on in this nonsense of an episode Christmas special.

Banned sweets, Thai massages, Konch’s Cafe also feature heavily, while there is also, finally, acknowledgement that Ricardo Fuller was in fact the most talented player to appear in the Premier League during the 2000s.

To hear about all of that plus some of Mark’s favourite quotes from a three-part documentary he’s watched on the Beckhams’ World Cup party, listen below or search for The Broken Metatarsal on your favourite podcast provider.

Episode Highlights

Dom Matteo on the lasagna 4m 16s
Graham Stack and Arsene banning Werther’s 10m 28s
Jose Mourinho + the laundry basket 14m 05s
Michael Ball on Sven and team talks from the chairman 16m 40s
Paul Konchesky on England 21m 23s
Cherno Samba on his FM stats 24m 19s
Stiliyan Petrov and the burger van 29m 32s
Danny Mills and the Beckham’s World Cup Party 35m 36s
Martin Laursen on Ricardo Fuller 44m 44s
Homzy’s numbers nightmare  47m 56s
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