The weird world of Patrice Evra: Raw chicken, camels, London cabs & more

Patrice Evra enjoyed a fantastic playing career, winning a host of honours with Manchester United in particular – but these days he’s best known for his social media activity.

Evra won 10 major honours with United, including five Premier League titles and the 2008 Champions League, but it’s only since he joined Instagram that we’ve been given a full insight into what a crazy character he is.

And here are some of his best, funniest and weirdest posts…

Raw chicken

Evra has always pushed the limits a little, but by and large he managed to avoid causing offence. Until he posted a video of himself stroking, kissing, sucking, slapping and gnawing a raw chicken.

Even Evra had to admit “I went too far”!


The London cab

Following his move back to the Premier League with West Ham, Evra somehow got his hands on a silver London cab, and shared his happiness driving to training in it one Monday morning.

Malteser head

His brother Dominique is often featured in his videos – and is often the source of Evra’s ‘jokes’.

The ‘back to the Premier League’ dance

Not sure what is best here, the dance, the phone not hanging up properly, the glasses, the man walking past and somehow not even doing a double take, just brilliant.

Cappuccino mouth

Would seriously love to spend a day inside his head.

The sexy Marouane Fellaini

If you don’t call it your ‘dju dju’ from now on then you might as well not have one.

Father Christmas

Erm, yeah…


“Look at this, it’s my new Harley Davidson.”

Black Panther

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous.

Park Ji-Sung

Showing he can have a serious side – such is the Frenchman a great person that he flew to Korea to be with good friend Park Ji-Sung after the passing of his mother.

Can’t control the feet

The suit, the song, the entrance. Quintessential Evra.

Camel friends

Yeah, you know, just a casual conversation with a camel. Who doesn’t do that on the regular?

Manchester United’s Jackson 5

This is going to give us nightmares for quite a long time. Also, who forgot that Anderson exists?

The driver

He simply didn’t know what had hit him.

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