Calculating the difficulty of the Premier League top six’s remaining fixtures

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We’re now over two-thirds of the way through the Premier League campaign, in what we’re contractually obliged to call the business end of the season.

With nine points between Tottenham and Manchester United in 3rd and 4th respectively, the top six can be divided into three teams challenging for the title, and three more hoping to nab the last Champions League qualification spot.

Who has the most favourable fixtures? Take a look below.

Manchester City

Remaining fixtures (current league position): West Ham (10), Bournemouth (11), Watford (8), Man Utd (4), Fulham (19), Cardiff (17), Crystal Palace (13), Tottenham (3), Burnley (15), Leicester (12), Brighton (14)

Average league position of remaining opponents: 11.5


Remaining fixtures (current league position): Man Utd (4), Watford (8), Everton (9), Burnley (15), Fulham (19), Tottenham (3), Southampton (18), Chelsea (6), Cardiff (17), Huddersfield (20), Newcastle (16), Wolves (7)

Average league position of remaining opponents: 11.8


Remaining fixtures (current league position): Burnley (15), Chelsea (6), Arsenal (5), Southampton (18), Crystal Palace (13), Liverpool (2), Brighton (14), Huddersfield (20), Man City (1), West Ham (10), Bournemouth (11), Everton (9)

Average league position of remaining opponents: 10.3

Manchester United

Remaining fixtures (current league position): Liverpool (2), Crystal Palace (13), Southampton (18), Arsenal (5), Man City (1), Watford (8), Wolves (7), West Ham (10), Everton (9), Chelsea (6), Huddersfield (20), Cardiff (17)

Average league position of remaining opponents: 9.6


Remaining fixtures (current league position): Brighton (14), Tottenham (3), Fulham (19), Wolves (7), Everton (9), Cardiff (17), West Ham (10), Liverpool (2), Burnley (15), Man Utd (4), Watford (8), Leicester (12)

Average league position of remaining opponents: 10


Remaining fixtures (current league position): Southampton (18), Bournemouth (11), Tottenham (3), Man Utd (4), Wolves (7), Newcastle (16), Everton (9), Watford (8), Crystal Palace (13), Leicester (12), Brighton (14), Burnley (15)

Average league position of remaining opponents: 10.8

In terms of average league position, Liverpool have the lowest-placed opponents remaining, followed by Manchester City. While the Reds have a game in-hand, both only have to play two of the fellow top six, Manchester United away and Tottenham at home, and six teams from the bottom half.

Tottenham have a more difficult run-in but could help take destiny into their own hands as they’ve still got trips to City and Liverpool to come, as well as fierce London derbies against Arsenal and Chelsea. Otherwise, their fixtures are looking quite favourable.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s United can play kingmakers as they host both of their local rivals, City and Liverpool, in the coming weeks. The Norwegian has only taken on one team in the top half so far, with eight of the current top ten to come in their last twelve fixtures.

Arsenal and Chelsea have both played one another twice already and have similar run-ins alongside their Europa League commitments.

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